Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 7. Declaration of War

The dark clouds continue to fill the sky, casting a dark shadow over the entire town; barely a soul is walking through. With all of the shadows hovering around, tonight would be the perfect night for an assignment. However, with one thing in mind, one warlord carefully overlooks the town from the forest nearby.

Gracefully standing on a thick branch, both feet planted next to each other, a woman in red and black leans back against the tree and folds her arms. Alone for the moment, she senses those around her off in the forest, waiting for her signal to proceed. With her right eye covered by a large bang, she closes her left eye and takes a deep breath before looking up at the cloud infested sky.

“It’s so beautiful out tonight. Gray clouds sealing the light of the night sky, shadows flooding on the ground below.”

As she looks at the sky, her face slowly turns from a neutral expression, to a dark and dangerous grimace. She slowly reaches for the sky with one hand and claws at the sky as if it was right in front of her, “An assassin’s paradise.”

She takes another deep breath and the grimace vanishes, going back to a neutral look. She brings her gaze down and looks at the town in front of her. Just from looking at the wall for just a few moments, she’s able to figure out the perfect route to her objective. She keeps her eyes on the sturdily built castle in the center of the town. She puts her hand up, the first part of her signal.

Silence flows through the forest. The wind begins to pick up, making the leaves on the trees rustle wildly. Her black hair dances in the wind. Just waiting and watching, she hears the sound of a tree branch above her cracking a bit. She looks up and sees one of her ninjas standing on the branch. He salutes before speaking; a simple head nod with his arm folded at his chest and a deep bow.

“The squad is in position as per your orders. We are currently waiting for your approval to proceed, Lord Akechi.”

The woman smiles when she hears her name called out like that, “Well done. I knew you all would please me with such a simple task.”

“Thank you, My Lord. How would you like us to proceed?”

“You all go around and cause a distraction. Kill anybody and anything that lives, breathes, or moves. Civilians are not spared. I want Gohda to fear us and everything we’ll do to his people and army.”


“Do you?”

With Lord Akechi’s voice suddenly seeming so close, the ninja looks next to himself and sees Lord Akechi standing right next to him on the branch; he looks down at the branch below and sees nobody there. Lord Akechi grabs at the ninja’s uniform and pulls him close, the metal false nails on her fingers easily cut through his uniform, “Do you truly understand?”

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