Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 7. Declaration of War

The woman sidesteps out of Ayame’s line of attacks and rushes to the other side of the room. She sticks her hand out and blood drips off of her finger tips, “At least you made me go on the evasive. These guards barely got a chance to draw their swords.”

Ayame turns around and readjusts her grip on the kodachi, anger filled in her eyes, “So, you’re the one who killed all of them?”

“Caught red handed.”

Ayame looks at Kiku’s body; she remains motionless. Ayame brings her attention back to the woman in front of her.

“You work for Akechi, don’t you?”

“It seems like you may know my identity. How?”

“Those ninja that attacked, they’re all wearing the Akechi insignia somewhere on their outfits.” Ayame quick examines the woman from head to toe, “But you don’t have one.”

The woman crosses her arms and closes her eyes. She begins chuckling.

“What the hell is so funny?”

“It’s nothing,” the woman replies with pride. “I’m just flattered that you’re so curious about who I am.”

The woman slowly opens her eyes; her gaze is cold as ice. Her face has a large smile on it, with a demonic grin, Of course, would knowing who I am really matter if you’re to die here?”

Ayame changes stances and puts her hands on her hip, waving around one of her kodachi, “You know, you brought up a good point. I don’t need to know who you are.” She spins them around in her hands one more time before taking an offensive stance again, “I’m gonna wipe that smirk off your face.”

The woman shows off her metallic false nails, motioning Ayame to come over with one finger, “Try me. Show me what the Azuma can do.”


Ayame and the woman rush toward each other, Ayame going on the offensive. With every strike Ayame tries to land, the woman uses her scale armor along her forearms to block every attack. Strike after strike, their attacks are evenly matched. With every slash Ayame does, the woman knows just how to evade it, ducking, side stepping, and jumping out of every attack.

Ayame goes for a quick stab with her kodachi using a fierce amount of force, trying to end everything with one attack; the woman side steps and somersaults back, kicking the kodachi out of Ayame’s hands.

Caught off guard by the maneuver and disarmed, Ayame jumps back, “What the hell?!”

The woman lets out a ghastly laugh and charges towards Ayame, hands out and ready to claw away, “Is this all you have?!”

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