Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 7. Declaration of War

Assuming the leader of the invasion, Ayame rushes into the castle and quickly comes to a stop when she sees what happened; bodies of castle guards are all over the place, blood splattered along walls, screen doors and the floor. When she looks at the chest plate on the guard’s armor, she sees large claw marks that seem to cut right through.

“Wait… Otawa uses a cleaver. If it’s not him, then who the hell is doing this?”

Unable to figure out who the assailant is, Ayame draws her kodachi and holds them tight as she makes her way through the castle keep. Going up to the second floor, more bodies clutter the floors. Whoever is doing this has the murdering capacity that exceeds that of an assassin. Every claw mark seems to seamlessly flow from one body from another with ease and haste.

Ayame reaches the steps that lead up to a large, empty room. The same room where she was overlooking the town from before all this began. Ayame looks down at the steps and sees a trail of blood leading up to the sliding door. She presses against it and can hear the faint sounds of a girl struggling, followed by the voice of a grown woman.

“Where is your father?”


Cutting her way through the door, Ayame forces herself through and runs into the room; she sees a woman dressed in red and black with scale armor on her body and long, black hair reaching down her back. One arm extended, she has Princess Kiku grabbed by the throat and lifted off her feet.


Struggling to speak, Kiku manages to look behind her attacker and sees Ayame at the door, “A.. Ayame!”

Seeing Kiku caught in such a situation slowly makes the rage in Ayame rise. She immediately takes an offensive stance, “Put her down, now!”

The woman holding Kiku slowly turns her head to get a glance at Ayame. As she speaks, her voice is calm, “Oh? You’re demanding me to put her down?”

“Put her down!”

The woman slowly turns around to look at Ayame. She then looks at Kiku and then takes action; using her free hand, she violently hits Kiku on the side of her neck, causing her to go limp. The woman then drops Kiku’s body.

Witnessing Kiku’s limp body sends Ayame into a blind rage. She lunges forward and goes for the vital spots on the woman’s body, wildly slashing and cutting her way through. The woman dodges and weaves through every attack with ease, making it seem like anybody can do it.

Even through an onslaught of attacks, the woman can easily talk in the middle of combat, her voice taking a serious tone, “You’re too slow.”

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