Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 7. Declaration of War

Disarming her enemy, Ayame jumps from the roof and lands on top of the ninja, pinning him to the ground. With the ninja’s head trapped between her feet, she shifts her legs a bit, violently making the ninja’s neck snap too far to one side, killing him instantly. She rushes over and helps the man back to his feet.

“Get out of here. It’s not safe.”

Grateful and giving his thanks, the man quickly runs off down the path. Ayame looks around before traveling through the town on foot, “One down, one to go.”

Staying close to the shadows, Ayame navigates around homes and corners, in search for the other ninja. Back pressed against the end of a house, she peaks out to get a look of the small grass area behind the house; a lone ninja is wandering back and forth. Attempting to get the ninja’s attention, Ayame tosses out a shurikin, hitting it against a rock to make a ringing sound.

Hearing a sound from behind, the ninja quickly turns around with his blade drawn. He sees the shuriken and slowly walks up to it, unaware of the shadow that hides nearby. The ninja leans down and looks at the shuriken.

The enemy in position, Ayame comes out from around the corner and runs toward the ninja. Dual kodachi drawn and skillfully spinning around in the palm of her hands, Ayame goes for the kill; she dashes towards the ninja, her body close to the ground. With her eyes locked on to the ninja, she grips her kodachi and twists her body, making her do a half spin and her blades landing square in the side of the ninja’s head. Now in a crouch, she yanks her blades out of the skull of her enemy and cleans them off before putting them back in the sheath as the dead body falls over.

“That makes two.”

Ayame stands up and looks at the clothing of the ninja. From the last briefing she had with Rikimaru and Lord Godha, she instantly recognizes the insignia on the headband around the ninja’s forehead.

“That’s the symbol for the Ak—”

Before she has a chance to finish her sentence, a loud explosion goes off in the distance. Adrenaline rushing through her body and an increased sense of urgency, Ayame leaps to the nearest roof to get a look of the town. Over in the eastern corner of town, there’s a roaring fire with smoke reaching up into the sky. The fire spreads to two nearby homes.

Seeing the flames, one thought runs through Ayame’s mind, We’re under attack!

Ayame rushes across rooftops, heading towards the flames. Before she gets any closer, she stops when she notices the town guards locked in battle with three more ninjas. As she watches them battle going on, she notices a black silhouette of a person traveling across the rooftops at lightning speed. In the blink of an eye, the silhouette leaps from a roof and rushes into the first floor of Gohda’s castle. Without a second thought, Ayame chases after the person.

When Ayame gets to the front entrance of the castle, she sees more guards and ninjas locked in battle near around the castle, “This has to be that Otawa guy leading the assault!”

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