Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 7. Declaration of War

Ayame lets out a small chuckle and shakes her head, “I guess you can say that. Of course, once you’ve been up on high places like I have, this seems like nothing.”

Kiku looks at Ayame, “What’s the tallest thing you’ve been on?”

“I don’t like to brag, but I’ve been on the very top of castles. Not just the top floor, the actual roof.”

Astonished, Kiku’s eyes widen and shimmer with amazement, “Don’t you get afraid being so high up?”

“You get use to it after being an assassin for so long,” Ayame answers. She shrugs and looks at the town, “Sometimes, being so high up is relaxing for a bit. You get to see everything around you.”

Kiku keeps her eyes on Ayame for a moment. She then takes a long look at the town and back at her, “Hey, Ayame?”


“When it’s time for me to become the lord after my father, do you think I’ll be able to walk in his footsteps?”

Ayame doesn’t turn around; she simply puts her hands behind her head and leans back on the window opening, “You and your father are kind-hearten and only want peace for everybody. You’ll do just fine.”

“You’ll still be here to protect me like you do now, right?”

“Whether you’re a lord or not, I’ll always keep an eye on you from the shadows. That’s not going to change.”

Comforted by Ayame’s words, Kiku has a warm smile on her face and looks down at the town with Ayame. As they’re watching the town together, Ayame notices two ninjas climbing over the northern wall around the town.

Slowly getting on her feet, Ayame takes a moment to stretch before walking to the edge of the roof shingles, “Time to work. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Okay. I’ll be right here.”

Ayame gives a thumbs up behind her before leaping off of the roof, beginning her pursuit of the intruders at the edge of the town. Gracefully flipping in the air before landing on the roof of a house, Ayame dashes from house to house, quickly closing in on her targets. When she reaches one of the homes near the wall, she hears the sound of a man screaming, followed by multiple footsteps; Ayame crouches to hide her presence.

Running along a narrow path between homes, a male civilian is screaming. Rapidly closing in behind him is one of the ninjas Ayame saw from the castle. As the man runs, the straps along one of his sandals comes off, making his trip and crash to the ground. Blade ready to plunge deep into the man, the ninja catches up to the man and goes into an offensive stance, with the sword over his head. Before he has a chance to strike, a shuriken flies through the air, knocking the blade of his hand with powerful force.

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