Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 8. Kunoichi by the Docks

“I can’t believe Kiku has been kidnapped…”

His sword sheathed and placed right besides him, Lord Gohda has his head lowered as he takes a deep breath; his mind is still trying to get a hold of the current situation that occurred over the last few hours. Even with Rikimaru and Ayame both in the room, they stay silent for the moment, waiting to hear what their lord has to say. However, even Ayame has her head lowered with her arms folded as she stands in front of the window of the room.

“Damn…,” Ayame mumbles to herself. “This whole thing was my fault…”

Overhearing her words, Lord Gohda slowly raises his head and looks at Ayame, “I do not blame you for Kiku’s kidnapping, Ayame. We had no idea that we would be attacked so quickly. We could not have anticipated so much…”

Ayame finished his sentence, “Killing.”

In his usual position, kneeling down in front of Lord Gohda, Rikimaru begins to speak, “At least no harm has come to you, Lord Gohda.”

“That may be true, but I still wish that I was at least able to make some kind of impact on tonight’s events. My guards rushed me to safety as soon as they got word about the attack.”

Rikimaru brings his attention to Ayame, “When we met, you said something about Akechi. Were they the ones who invaded?”

Ayame gives a slight nod and looks towards the sky before she speaks. The clouds are still hovering high above, giving way to an ominous sight, “Yeah. Turns out there was a squad of enemy ninja attacking civilians and guards all through the town. And their leader was in charge of it all…”

“Were you able to get a good look at the leader?”

“Yeah.” Ayame pauses for a moment. She runs her fingers along her cheek where she was cut; the blood is almost done drying up, but a small drop stains her fingers, “I fought her. She knocked out Kiku and used her as a lure to try and fight me.”

“And you did?”

Anger quickly fills Ayame’s words, “I was going to fight her either way; she invaded us and held Kiku by her throat!”

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