Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 8. Kunoichi by the Docks

Angered, Ayame looks at Rikimaru straight in his eye; he barely changes his stern expression. Having to accept the situation, Ayame sighs and looks at Rin, “You better get every piece of information you can while you’re there. Because once we find out where they’re hiding, I’m going to kick Akechi’s ass.”

Rin has a proud look on her face when she crosses her arms, “Don’t worry. You’ll be the first person to know once we get any leads.”

“I better be. You know where we’ll be when you have anything to tell us.”

Feeling the conversation is done, Ayame quickly turns around and leaps up, rapidly traveling through the trees to make her way back to Gohda territory. Staying behind for just a bit longer, Rikimaru looks at Tesshu and Rin to pass along some more information.

“Lord Gohda says he is willing to compensate both of you for your cooperation with us in our efforts to both rescue the princess and bring an end to the rise of the Akechi.”

Tesshu waves his hand, politely turning down the offer, “You helped us in the past. This is the least we can do to try and repaid you all.”

Rin doesn’t have the same idea as Tesshu; she has a simple smile on her face as she speaks, “I don’t know about you, but I make a living by doing hired jobs from contacts. If I can help out a friend while making some money on the side, I’ll be more than happy to take your share.”

Rikimaru nods at her request, “I’ll inform Lord Gohda. We’re counting on both of you.”

Finishing his words, Rikimaru turns around and follows Ayame’s trail through the trees. Now left alone, Tesshu and Rin look at each other for a moment.

* * * * *

A crow caws as it flies across the orange sky; a sign that the end of the day is quickly approaching. Although there are a handful of clouds traveling through the sky, the large, setting sun is a sight to behold from the docks at the edge of town. Many of the civilians who live in different towns and villages are finishing up whatever business they have in the port town and begin to travel back to their homes. Those who live in this town are taking their time before heading home for the evening.

Just like every town, there are small homes that easily accommodate anywhere from a single person living alone, to a small family of four. However, scattered across the town, there are larger structures, more like small buildings, acting like indoor shopping areas for many merchants and shops; these make perfect vantage points to get a general layout of the town.

Kneeling down on the roof of one of the buildings, Tesshu and Rin are each looking in different directions.

“Any luck on figuring out where the former ninja may be, Rin?”

“None over here. Maybe we’re in the wrong spot.” Rin turns around to look at Tesshu, “You sure the ninja is in this specific town?”

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