Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 8. Kunoichi by the Docks

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“From one of my former clients. Apparently, there’s been a major increase in the import of foreign goods. Some of those goods are weapons stashed away underneath other things. Every few days, a new shipment comes in day and night and is quickly transported somewhere.”

Rikimaru poses a question, “Do you know what kind of weapons are being transported?”

“I’m not too sure, but all I know is there’s a lot coming in. Just about enough to arm an entire army three times over.”

Putting the information together, Ayame comes to a quick assumption, “So we have a former Akechi ninja hiding out somewhere in the same town that’s getting shipment after shipment of weapons. How do we even know if this ninja is still alive? If the Akechi are the ones getting the weapons, the entire town would be swarming with them.”

Rikimaru reaches out and puts his hand on Ayame’s shoulder, “That is a chance we must take.”

Silent, Ayame looks at Rikimaru for a moment. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, putting her mind at ease for a moment. Ready to move, she opens her eyes again and look at everybody, “Alright, so when are we going to check out the town? Rin, you know more about the town than us.”

Rin nods. “During sunset will be our best window of opportunity. The guards will be switching shifts and there shouldn’t be too much resistance. That’s when we come in and try to find our ninja.”

With an agreement on the plan, they all look at one another with determined looks on their faces.

Urging to go, Ayame takes a step forward to try and lead the group, but Tesshu grabs her by the arm to stop her.

“Let me go. We have a mission to do.”

“Knowing the state that Gohda territory is in, it would be best if you and Rikimaru turn back to stay on guard in case of another attack.”

“… You can’t be serious? Do you really expect me to sit around and wait for another clue about where we can find these bastards?”

“I’m not asking you to wait. I’m asking you to protect your lord and people you swore to.”

“And Kiku is one of those people I swore to protect and now she’s been kidnapped! I’m not going to sit knowing that our enemy has her!”

Rikimaru steps forward in front of Ayame, “But we cannot leave her home unguarded. Especially knowing the capabilities of the Akechi army. Now that we have some kind of idea of how they plan an attack, we’re more suited to catch wind of one before the worst occurs. Plus, we have two allies to help us, so we’re able to be twice as efficient.”

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