Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 8. Kunoichi by the Docks

Lord Gohda can feel Ayame’s frustration and anger from the last few hours as she speaks, so he cuts in to try and cease her rage, “Ayame, you did the best you could. Like I said before, regardless of how the fight turned out, I do not blame you and tonight’s attack was sudden.”

Ayame opens her mouth to speak, but all she can do is let out a tired sigh and lean back against the window. Taking a moment to calm down, she looks at Rikimaru before speaking.

“So, did you manage to meet up with the informant?”

Rikimaru shakes his head, “No. He was killed before I was able to go to the meeting spot.”

Lord Gohd includes himself in the conversation, “So, you have no leads whatsoever?”

“Not entirely. I met up with a former assassin we crossed paths with before. Tesshu.”

Surprised by the name, Ayame tilts her head, “Tesshu? The Muzen assassin? What was he doing in the checkpoint?”

“He was on his way to Gohda territory to pass along information that may help us find Akechi. He most likely arrived during the attack.”

“I didn’t see him while I was scouting. He probably got in while I was fighting Lord Akechi.”

Taking in the new information, Lord Gohda closes his eyes for a moment to try and think of the next steps in trying to pursue their new enemy. His sits up straight and folds his arms.


“Normally, I do not like having to rely on outside ninja to help.” Lord Gohda opens his eyes; a sense of conviction can be seen in his stare, “However, due to our current situation, I may have no other option. Rikimaru, do you think you can find Tesshu again?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Lord Gohda then looks at Ayame, “And you said you ran into a young assassin named ‘Rin,’ right?”


“I want the both of you to find them and see if they will be willing to aid us in trying to stop Akechi from furthering their influence and taking them out. If they want compensation in return for their help, I will gladly offer to pay for their services.”

Rikimaru and Ayame look at each other from opposite sides of them room, but nod in agreement.

“Although we don’t truly understand who Akechi is, or why she’s doing all this, we can’t afford to waste any time. We must gather any information as fast as possible, not only for the sake of this town, for the life of my daughter, but also, for the sake of the entire nation.”

* * * * *

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