Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Muscle Man & Cookie Crumbs

“Well, I’m glad to finally be getting out of there.”

I take a moment to stretch, cracking a few places to feel a bit more loose. Once I’m ready I start pushing the shopping cart out of the market and down the parking lot. Right next to me, Sam’s already trying to dig her way through the bags we bought.

“What are you looking for?”

“My snacks,” she eagerly replies. She pulls out one of the bags and starts moving things around, “Do you remember which bag the cashier put it in?”

“How should I know? I was focusing on making sure we weren’t double charged on something. Besides, a good third of this stuff are things you wanted!”

The main purpose of this market trip was to buy the groceries for the month, not to splurge on snacks, munchies, and other things to crave Sam’s sweet tooth. Though, to be honest, some of this stuff does seem kind of good to try.

Picking randomly, I stick my hand into one of the bags in the cart and grab the first thing my hand touches; I ended up picking some kind of small boxed snack. I can’t read any of the Japanese writing on it, but from the cover I’m assuming it some kind of chocolate cookie.

I look over to Sam and pass her the box, “Open this for me, will you?”

“Did you find my– oh. You wanted to try these?”

“Yeah, and I don’t feel like stopping to open the box. I want to do all of this in one shot.”

Sam drops the bag she has back into the cart and opens the chocolates for me. By the time she manages to get out a cookie for me, we already reached the car. I go into my back pocket to take out my car keys.

Wait, that can’t be right.

I reach into my other back pocket just to make sure.

Oh, no wait, I got them. Almost had a heart attack.

I wiggle my hand around in my back pocket and grab my keys, hearing the rattle of everything on the key ring. Keys in hand, I unlock the trunk and bring the cart closer, “Sam, come here and hel–”

When I look at Sam, I notice that she’s halfway through the same box of cookies I asked her to open. Chocolate crumbs all on her cheek and around her lips, she freezes in place with one hand shoved into the box.

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