Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Muscle Man & Cookie Crumbs

After a moment of silence, she slowly pulls her hand out of the box, keeping her eyes on me and says, “You don’t see anything.”

“Yeah, whatever. Just put the cookies down for a minute to help me load up the car.”

She grabs a handful of cookies and throws them all into her mouth, sticking the rest of the box in her back pocket. Chomping down with a full mouth, she gives me a thumbs up and starts helping me put the groceries in the car.

As we’re loading up the car, I can hear a pair of footsteps passing by the car but I ignore it. Shortly after, somebody seems to be trying to get out attention by clearing their throat extremely loud; somebody would think that the person really has a frog in their throat.

Almost in perfect unison, Sam and I look up from the trunk and look behind us.

“It seems like you two ladies could use some help.”

Goddamn it…

It’s the teenage store clerk who was trying to hit on me back inside the market. I swear, if he’s trying to hit on me again, I’m going to rip him a new one.

Seeming full of confidence, he puffs out his chest and puts his arms behind his back, putting a determined look on his face. When he talks, it’s obvious that he’s trying to make his voice deeper to try and hide the squeakiness.

“Hello, ladies. My my,” he sets his look right towards me, “I never expected I would run into you again. It’s a pleasure.”

I scratch the back of my head and look away from him, “Geez…”

Sam leans over and whispers in my hear, “You know him?”

I whisper back, “He works in the market. He tried to hit on me when I was asking for help.”

Sam quickly stares at the guy when I tell her what happened, “Oh, really?”

The guy watches us, “It seems you two are having quite the chat. You guys sure you don’t want any help?”

Sam and I reply at the same time, “Yes.”

The guy obviously ignores what we said. He tries to show off his masculinity by lifting up the closest thing around him: our shopping cart. It still has a bunch of bags in it and he’s trying his best to lift it to show off his strength, but it’s just embarrassing to watch.

“What do you plan to accomplish by lifting up our cart?” I ask.

He’s taking deep breaths, still trying to lift up this cart, “To show just how strong I am!”

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