Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Muscle Man & Cookie Crumbs

I shake my head and go back to loading up the car while he struggles to lift. I look at Sam and she’s leaning back on the car, carefree and snacking on the cookies as she watches.

“Got any cookies left?”

She flips the box upside down; nothing, not even crumbs, falls out.

“You owe be a box of cookies.”

Sam finishes her last cookie before finishing the loading, “I’m sure there’s another box somewhere in one of these bags.”

Finishing up the loading, we bring the trunk down and look back at teenager; he’s sitting on the floor, out of breath.

“Excuse me. We’re trying to back out so we can leave.”

Heavy breathing, he slowly looks up at me and asks, “D-Did I impress you two?”

“No. Try hitting on somebody in the same age range as you. Probably somebody in the same high school as you.”

He slowly gets up on his feet and steps aside, “I-I’ll do that.”

Completely done with the market, I hop into the driver’s seat of the car car and start it up.



“We need to find a new supermarket to shop at.”

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