Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Dry Drama

Spin, spin, spinning all around and around and around.

No matter how many times I watch the same thing over and over again, it never ceases to somehow pull in my attention. To be honest, it was even that way ever since I was a kid; every time I see one, I end up watching it for a few minutes.

Oh, there goes the blue one! And the pink one is right behind it!

I scoot my chair a bit closer and lean forward so that I don’t miss what happens next. If everything is following how I’m imagining it in my head, Mr. Blue should be running home to see his wife, but doesn’t realize that Miss Pink is following behind him. And right after the next few spins…

There’s the green one! I knew it!

“Sam, what the hell are you doing in the laundry room?”

I snap out of the little fantasy in my head and look behind me; Alexis is leaning on the doorway that connects the kitchen and the laundry room.

“I’m watching an episode of ‘All My Fabrics.’ Now hush, it’s just getting good!”

I anxiously turn back around and can feel the jitters traveling throughout my body as I focus on the clothes spinning around in the drying machine.

Oh man, Mrs. Green just smacked Mr. Blue! Did she find out that he was having an affair with Miss Pink?

Even though I’m laser focused on the clothes, I can hear Alexis talking to me, “You do realize that you’re watching clothes, right?”

I give her a little nod, “Yeah. I’ve always liked watching all of the socks and underwear and other stuff just tumble around inside like it’s some kind of alternate dimension where humans are replaced with clothing.”

“You thought of that was as a kid?”

“No. At first, I thought of it as a race between different colored horses.” Saying that out loud made me think a little bit. I turn around and look at Alexis, “Does that make me weird?”

She gives me a little shrug, “Not really. You were a kid, so it makes sense.”

I can feel a small smile appearing on my face after she said that. Turns out she still had more to say.

“Then again, you’re older now and you imagine your clothes in some kind of poorly written soap opera, so I can’t really give a definite answer.”

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