Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Dry Drama

I shoot Alexis an icy glare and puff out my cheeks, “You suck. Why did I even decide to ask you?”

“Because you know I’m not going to lie.”

“You’ve got a point about that. Anyways if you’re done trying to figure out my imagination, I’m gonna go back to my show.”

Going back to the clothing drama in my head, I turn back to the drying machine and watch it some more. My eyes dart around the entire machine. In the little bit of time that I turned away, things have changed dramatically; Mr. Blue and Miss Pink have suddenly vanished back into the heap of tumbling clothes. The only one left is Mrs. Green and she’s got the static cling with a plain white shirt.

After many months of washing clothes, after the hours spent sitting in front of the little window into the life of clothes, after spending long stretches of time making up some stupid story, I am finally lost in the storyline. And it’s all Alexis’ faults.

“Aww man! Something happened and I missed it.” I quickly turn around and squint at Alexis, transferring all of my silent rage into my eyes, “You made me miss my show.”

I’m pretty sure Alexis is feeling a bit disappointed in me with the look she’s giving me, “You can’t be serious. How can watching tumbling clothes so interesting?”

“It takes a certain level of boredom to make clothes interesting!”

Alexis crosses her arms, “You obviously reached that level years ago. You have so many game systems in this house to kill time, and you’d rather spend time watching clothes.”

“Hey. Don’t judge it until you try it.”

An invisible light bulb goes off in my mind, She needs to try it!

Inspired to make Alexis understand the world I see inside the machine, I put my plan into action. I get up from my seat and pull Alexis into the laundry room, “Try it!”

“Try what?”

“Watching clothes dry with me.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Just do it!” Bringing her around to the chair, I make Alexis sit down and I plop down into her lap. After just watching for a little while, she will come to understand how I kill boredom sometimes!

“Sam… I can’t see with you on my lap. Go grab another chair.”

“No. I want to make this a couple’s activity, so I’m gonna sit on your lap.”

“Going clothes shopping together is a couple’s activity. Going grocery shopping is a couple’s activity. How is watching clothes dry one of those?”

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