Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Dry Drama

I spin around on Alexis’ lap so that we’re facing each other. I gently place my hands on her cheeks and give her a big smile, “So, then you and me will be the first couple to make it an activity. Come on, please!”

I put on my best cutesy face and try to snuggle up against Alexis, gently rubbing my cheek along hers. I even make little purring sounds. All she does is shoot me a look filled with disappointment, but it doesn’t last long.

She ends up letting out a sigh and finally gives in, “Fine. Is this going to take long?”


I laugh a bit and hug Alexis as tight as a I can. I know it’s stupid to be happy about doing laundry, but it’s the fact that I get to be around Alexis more that really brings out the happiness.

“Okay, so when I turn back around, I want you to–.”

A loud buzzing sound goes off behind me. I whip my head back and all of my work has been for nothing: the drying machine finished and turned off.

“Aww man, my clothes are done. Right when you were about to watch with me.”

I hop off of Alexis and grab the small hamper in the corner of the room and start emptying my clothes into it.

Alexis gets off of the chair and starts to leave the room, “You done with the dryer?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“I have some stuff to put in it.”

I instantly start to follow Alexis around with excitement, “Are we going to watch it?!”

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