Confessions Against the Rules

“I said shut up, ya brats!”

Miss Nakamura’s loud and rough voice screams throughout the entire room; there’s no way anybody didn’t hear it and if they didn’t, they had to be deaf. Of course, having her yell as us instantly made everybody in the room quiet and laser focus on our busty teacher.

When people say that Miss Nakamura seems like a demon in a sexy woman’s body, they’re totally right; she’s cold, harsh, and not afraid to hurt people’s feelings to get her point across. She’s always strutting around the room dressed up in her usual black blazer jacket. The white button up obviously wants to burst open to let her full and large chest out and about, but they’re barely hanging on by two buttons. As for the knee length black skirt, it’s a bit tight around the hips.

Squinting with her dark brown eyes behind a pair of thin, metal frame glasses, she looks around the room to make sure she has everybody’s attention. I can tell that she’s looking at each and every student by the way her eyes keep darting around. It’s only a matter of time until…

With me sitting all the way in the last desk in the back row of the room, Miss Nakamura looks straight at me, not moving her eyes. I give her a stare back, making sure not to crack under pressure. It seems like everything slows down whenever me and her lock eyes.

I’m not going to crack this time! She can’t break me!

Next thing I know, Miss Nakamura shoots me a quick wink before turning back to the chalkboard. I have no idea is she’s really a demon or not, but whenever she winks at me, I can feel a surge of electricity going through my body, my face heating up, and my heart pounding.

Damn it, she did it again! I’m going to get her during our lunch period!

Those gorgeous, brown eyes were glimmering from the sunlight in the room and gave me a quick wink; she know that does something to me! Of course, that’s to be expected from her. Even though everybody knows her as the “Demonic Naka,” I know her as something else on a totally different level. And it makes me happy to be the only person to know Momo’s true personality.

* * * * *

I hate having to use the bathroom during the lunch break. It’s always so crowded with girls trying to make themselves look pretty and loud with gossip that I try to stay out of. Besides, if any kind of gossip about me got out, it would be the end of both me and Momo. Mostly Momo though since she has more to lose than me.

Finishing up in the stall, I I grab my bag off of the hook and head for an empty sink that I can find, trying to avoid eye contact with anybody else. As much as I want to stay out of gossip, I can’t help but overhear what everyone else is talking about.

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