Confessions Against the Rules

Momo keeps those dark, squinted eyes on me as she wraps her arms around my hips and presses herself against me. Our heartbeats seem to be in perfect sync and rhythm, picking up pace the longer we look at each other. Her breath tickles the nape of my neck, sending shivers down my back.

I can’t help it anymore!

I don’t even give her any warning; I grab Momo by her cheeks and pull her in, landing a hard, deep kiss right on her violet covered lips. Her grip around my hips tighten and I feel so secure in her arms, it makes me want to just melt away.

I quickly lose track of time and the next thing I know, I was out of breath. I break our kiss and take a big gasp of air.

With a giant smirk on her face, Momo raises her eyebrows and asks me, “Did I take your breath away?”

Those terrible puns always makes me blush. I break eye contact and pout, “Shut up. I was just too deep into that right now.”

“That’s what you always say.”

“S-Shut up!”

Momo pokes me on the nose before walking to the fence surrounding the roof. I take a moment to fix myself up before following behind her.

When we both reach the fence, Momo turns around and leans back against it with one foot on the ground. I just sit next to her with my legs crossed. When I look up at her, the bright sunlight shining down on us seems to give off a strange, orange hue around her, completely fitting for somebody of her personality.

Hearing her talk snaps me out of my love-struck dream, “Did I seem too harsh in class today? I feel like I might have went a bit overboard.”

I give her a little shrug, “I dunno, you normally sound harsh anyways. Besides, it wasn’t directed at me, so I didn’t really care.”

“I bet you noticed that wink though, right?”

I can feel my cheeks heating up again, “H-How could I not? You were looking right at me! What if somebody else thought it was for them?!”

“Then they’re pretty arrogant. I bet that Takemi kid’s gonna leave me another confession letter on my desk before I leave today. Probably gonna title it ‘My Demonic Naka-Sama.’” Momo lets out a small chuckle, “So mushy.”

I hesitate a bit before I look up at Momo, “You’re… You’re not going to confront him about it… are you?”

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