Confessions Against the Rules

“Did you hear about that Minami girl from 2-A talking about going out with the team leader of the basketball team?”

“That’s old, you’re late with that. Jun already shot the girl down.”

“Really? Just the other day, she kept going on and on about going to karaoke with him this weekend.”

The other girls keep going on about this girl and the basketball leader, but it doesn’t matter to me. As long as nothing gets out about me and Momo, nothing else matters. With wet hands, I shake them to get off any excess water and take a look in the mirror.

The top of my head is all over the place and I even have this large strand sticking out at the top of my head. No matter how many times I try to pull it back down with the rest of my hair, it just springs back up. I give a little shrug and focus on my face. The longer I look at my own reflection, the more I start to realize how much of a baby face I have. My cheeks are soft and round, my eyes are big, round, and shiny, and I just look a bit younger than I really am overall. The only real sign of my age is my slightly above average height.

I let out a small sigh and pat my cheeks as I whisper to myself, “I look like such a kid… I need to look more adult. I wonder if Momo can help with that?”

Everything in place for the most part, I leave the bathroom and reach into my bag to take out my cellphone. Turns out I have a missed message from Momo telling me to meet her at our usual spot. Just reading that put butterflies in my gut. Without even thinking, I start speed walking through the hallways and up the stairs to the roof landing.

Just behind that heavy, metal door awaits the one person I’ve been spending a lot of time with. As much as people may see her as an evil and cruel person, I know her as a kind, gentle, and caring woman. I grab the door knob and turn it.

“Oh crap, it’s locked. Well, that killed the moment.”

I knock on the glass window. Just a few seconds later, the door cracks open just enough for me to slip though. Before I get a chance to look around, a hand grabs me by the collar of my uniform jacket and yanks me around the corner. I’m then forcibly pressed against the wall. As much as I should be panicking right now, I’m completely calm; I know who grabbed me.

“Took you long enough, Kyouko.”


Hearing her voice put a small smile on my face, “I had to use the bathroom.”

Momo squints at me and lowers her voice to sound more threatening, “You saying that the bathroom is more important than seeing me during the day?”

“You know I would never say that. I just wanted to make sure our lunch period doesn’t get interrupted.”

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