Monster Madness – What’s Better: Bleaching or Slime?

Bubbles completely takeover my entire body, their warm pops helping ease the tension in my achy bones. I let myself sink deeper into the slick tub, everything but my head submerged in the mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. No more than a half hour of sitting in here should do just fine to help freshen up and keep my bright white shine.

A gentle knocking sounds on the bathroom door, followed by a gentle, feminine voice, “Honey, are you in the bath?”

“Yeah, I’m in.” I look over at the massive bubble rod of a body and change my answer, “Well, most of me is.”

The door slowly opens and a small blue head pops in.

Small, blue bangs covers the roundness of her forehead. Large eyes that are filled with shades of blue, a soft, petite nose in the middle, and slender lips makes up her face.

Nervous as always, she looks around the bathroom and sees a large wall of bubbles floating up to the top of the misty water. When she looks the other way, she looks at me, mainly my head, resting on top of the tall wicker basket used for my dirty clothes. She reaches inside, with her narrow, blue arms, and picks me up get a look at eye level.

When she smiles her blue cheeks turn to a faint violet color, her version of blushing for her species, “Is the bath just right this time?”

“Yeah. It’s perfectly filled at the right amount. The bubbles aren’t acting like violent mini explosions on my body this time.”

“T-That only happened one time, and it was during the first time you asked me to prepare your bleaching bath.”

I lighten up my tone and chuckle a bit, “Don’t worry about it. That’s why I started showing you the right way to properly dilute. And you picked it up really quickly, Slimoma.”

“Well, my entire body is a semisolid after all, so anything involving liquid I can master just by drinking it.”

“Is that why you bought all of those Mountain Dew drinks last month? So you can learn how to secrete it from your body at will?”

Slimona tries her best to give me a cold glare, but her childish eyes makes it look more like she’s tired, “I was going through something at the time. Besides, you couldn’t tell the difference when I milked myself at night and refilled the empty bottles. In fact, you said it tasted better than usual.”

“You did what?”


Slimona quickly breaks eye contact with me, her violet cheeks becoming even darker than before. I couldn’t help but laugh at how embarrassed she must have felt when she said that on a whim. After a few seconds of hearing my genuine laughter she finally looks at me again with a small smile on her face.

“Would you mind if I came and kept you company while your bathing?”

“Not at all.”

Carefully holding my head under her arm, Slimona pushes the bathroom door with her free hand. From her side, I can easily see her feminine features through her transparent, blue body. Even though her voice sounds like a teenage girl about to begin her first college semester, her body is well endowed, looking more like a woman who reached her prime at the age of thirty: ample breasts, hourglass figure all around, and strong legs that would make any man, alive, undead, and of any species, want to keep her all to himself.

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