Monster Madness – What’s Better: Bleaching or Slime?

Sitting on the toilet seat cover, she places me in her lap, angling me so that I’m looking up at her. Lightly running her finger tips along the top of my skull I can feel her beginning to cleanse it from any debris and gunk build-up from the last few days. Just like my body in the bath, little bubbles envelope the top of my skull and pop when the spot is clean.

“So, how was work today?” she asks.

“The same old stuff like always,” I begin, “just endless amounts of paperwork to complete, sort, and file away into the countless drawers and cabinets of the office. Just a normal desk job like all of the others out there.”

“At least this one pays well, right? A bit more than most?”

“Yeah. It’s a comfortable five-figure job to help sustain the both of us. I could have sworn I’ve told you how much I made the last few years, right?”

Slimona nods before she answers, “Yes, but I guess I’m just making small talk for now to help pass the time. Recently, you’ve been sounding more tired and sleeping a bit earlier than normal, so I was just worried that something was going on at work.”

“Just more work than usual for the last few days making these bones more tired. There’s nothing to worry about, Slimona.”

Cupped in her hands, she lifts up my skull and plants a slimy kiss right on my forehead, “I believe you, honey. If you need some more sleep, just let me know and I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the night.”

“There’s no need for you to do that. Just keep doing what you normally do. This busy work stuff will pass by next week.”

Out of the corner of my eye I see the bubbles from the tub slowly stop rising to the surface of the water. Most of the dirt should be lifted from my body.

Moving on its own, my skeleton of a body slowly brings itself up from the bottom and stands straight, letting excess water drip back into the tub. However, I can’t get a clear look at my body.

“Slimona, turn me around so I can see how bleached my body is.”

Slimona doesn’t move; her entire body is starting to turn violet as she’s staring straight at my body.

Worried by her lack of response, I ask her, “Slimona, I can’t see. Is there something wrong with my body?”

“Y-You’re naked!”

“… Well, of course. People usually get naked before they get in the tub.”

Slimona starts stumbling over her words as she tries to correct herself. She mentions how I originally looked in my natural human form and that every time she sees my skeleton, she can’t help but imagine my human form bare naked in its place. When she brings up the topic, I start to think about how often I actually put my skin back on. I’ve gotten so use to walking around like a skeleton, I almost feel like I’m in a small prison cell whenever I have to wear my skin.

After staring and imagining my skin, she finally turns my skull around so I can see my body. All two-hundred and six pieces in place, they have a faint glint on them after the recent dip in the peroxide. My body does a full turn to make sure there’s no bubbles lingering. Ready to go, my body steps out of the tub and walks over to Slimona, picking up my skull from her lap, and forcefully reattaching it to my exposed neck. After a few stretches to loosen some locked joints, I’m all set to move again.

I look at my fingers and practice my grip exercises as I continue our conversation, “I kinda like being a skeleton. I don’t have to worry about certain things, like breathing or getting sick. And on top of that, I can pop bones in and out of place whenever I need to.”

“But I’m a Slime; I can literally turn into anything if I have enough substance to make it. Remember that one time I turned a little piece of me into glue to hold your pelvis together until I was able to mend it back together with my spit?”

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