Monster Madness – What’s Better: Bleaching or Slime?

“You were the reason why my pelvis even broke in the first place. You were riding me too hard and ended up fracturing it.”

Slimona’s face turns violet again, “I couldn’t help it! It was the first night we found that potion that gives you your human look back for a few hours… Speaking of which, I think there’s still a few drops left, just enough for an hour or so!”

Before she can try and rush out of the bathroom to go find that bottle I catch her by the arm and let out a sigh at her horny mindset, “Your drive is ridiculous.”

“But come on! You look handsome as a human, with your light brown hair and caramel-color skin. Why don’t you go to an alchemist to become fully human again?”

“The cost to regain humanity is insane. Plus the recovery time is crazy and then I’ll have to readjust to certain habits; I forgot what it’s like to have a bladder, and it’s great.”

“Then, why don’t you become a zombie? It’s cheaper, almost no recovery time, and you can still have a few benefits of being dead. Plus, you’ll be able to actually eat my cooking again!”

Her cooking, huh? It has been a while since I was able to actually taste something. It would be for the better if I didn’t have to get my nutrients by having Slimona rub me down with slime after eating something. The idea is definitely lingering on me now.

I bring my bony fingers to my chin, tapping it to help me think. The clacking of bone rings loud in our tiny bathroom. When I come back to the topic at hand, I notice Slimona holding a small packet in front of me, “What is this?”

“It’s a rule book for newly formed zombies, talking about how to prevent skin rotting, how to clean organs, and a quick how-to on sewing when a limb suddenly falls off.”

“… How long were you holding onto that?”

Slimona quickly hides the book behind her back, “Not long.” She tries to hide her embarrassment by breaking eye contact with me, “About six months.”

I keep looking at Slimona, her eyes darting from me and then breaking away again, “Don’t give me that look.”

I swipe my hand across my face, “What look? I can’t make facial expressions, I’m a goddamn skeleton! I have one expression, and that’s ‘Default.’”

With a grunt and puffing up her cheeks, she forcefully grabs me and lifts me up with ease. Using her slimy innards she sucks in parts of my body, mostly my arms and legs, and holds me in place with her glue-like insides. She slowly pulls me entirely, practically turning me into her own personal skeletal frame. I try to yell out but her body muffles all sound like a vacuum; I’m her prisoner.

Since her body is still a bit transparent, I can see the slick smile she has on her face as she walks out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, “You’re about to start making some facial expression for the next hour. And I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.”

What the hell is she talking about? I try to breakout, but the best I can do is move my head downward to look at the ground.

Branching out from Slimona’s ankle is a single tentacle, wiggling along the ground, wrapping around something at its tip: a small, green jar with a piece of a cork sticking out from the top. No matter where I am, no matter what’s happening to me, I can recognize that bottle anywhere. And if it’s in Slimona’s slimy hands, it can only mean one thing.

This slime chick can’t keep sex off of her mind. Let’s hope I don’t break something this time.

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