Wrong Spell

Wrong Spell

“In the name of hell, I want to try this ejaculation.”

The entire class remained silent, looking at one another in confusion about what they just heard; they all couldn’t believe that the professor said something like that.

Miko leaned over to Hidane, asking if the professor possibly mispronounced the word he really meant. Hidane couldn’t think of a justified answer, noting how proud and confident the professor said it. If the professor had said it any louder, students from the classrooms just above the would have surely looked out of the classroom windows to see what was happening.

“If it’s true,” Miko whispered, “then I have a bad feeling about today’s lessons. I mean, he’s holding an Archmage’s spellbound book, right?”

Hidane replied, worried look on his face, “Let’s hope the Archmage wasn’t a pervert, if it is one.”

Bright smile on his face and his hands rapidly flipping through the pages of the book, the professor continued on with the lesson. “To begin today’s lesson, I would like to try this new incantation.”

The entire class took a collective sigh, their worries and fears for today’s lessons washing away from their minds, assuming it was nothing more than a simple mispronunciation. A burst of chatter went around them before they calmed down and went silent again, eagerly awaiting today’s demonstration.

The professor glanced down at the book, keeping his eyes on the pages as he spoke, “For this incantation, I would need a volunteer. Who would like to assist me with this today?”

Giving it a brief moment of thought Miko shrugged and raised her hand. The professor noticed how her hand went up first and instructed for her to stand a few feet away. Following her orders, Miko stood roughly ten feet away from the professor, patiently awaiting for the demonstration. The professor read the pages again, his eye brow rising as his eyes scanned the page. He brought the book closer, just making sure he was reading the words correctly. Assuming that everything was correct, he shrugged and closed the book, tossing it onto the ground.

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