100 Word Story – Nicknames (Part Five)

It’s been a while since Victoria actually found a decent person to go on a date with. She never thought about using online dating as a way to find people—she always liked meeting people in person first instead of going off of a picture and a profile.

But after not having any luck with finding somebody who wanted more than just a fling, she decided to take to the online dating scene and give it a shot. After going through hundreds of left swipes she stumbled upon one profile that grabbed her attention.

Not because she wanted to potentially date this person, but more out of curiosity.

“You’re the first person to outright ask that question. To be honest I kinda expected it, given my username and all.”

Victoria remained silent, surprised that her random and inappropriate question wasn’t immediately rejected. Seeing the turn of events she pushed the boundaries a bit more.

“So… Are you really going to tell me?”

“I’ll tell you,” Victor answered, “if you tell me about your name.”

“My name?”

“Yeah. ‘Nippy Slippy Vicki.’”

Everything in the restaurant seemed to stop making noise and focused directly on Victoria. In the heat of the conversation, she completely forgot the name she used online.

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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