100 Word Story – Nicknames (Finale)

It’s been a while since Victoria actually found a decent person to go on a date with. She never thought about using online dating as a way to find people—she always liked meeting people in person first instead of going off of a picture and a profile.

But after not having any luck with finding somebody who wanted more than just a fling, she decided to take to the online dating scene and give it a shot. After going through hundreds of left swipes she stumbled upon one profile that grabbed her attention.

Not because she wanted to potentially date this person, but more out of curiosity.

It was a fair trade-off: information for information. Victoria wanted to know something about Victor, and Victor wanted to know something about Victoria. And considering the question being posed to Victor, wanting to know how “Nippy Slippy Vicki” got her name was appropriate.

But Victoria couldn’t fulfill that deal—her face grew bright red just thinking about how she got that name. In a sudden defensive move she got up from her seat and headed for the exit.

“Sorry, Victor, but I think I need to go!”

Victor sat at the table, astonished at the change of events. “The fuck?”

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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