100 Word Story – Broadcast (Part Three)

The world has become so technologically advanced that old forms of communication and hearing information could have easily be phased out of existence. However, those old ways were just reinforced, being improved to stay modern and relevant. Sending mail across the world, sending a fax through, and even simple courier services are still in use today. But for me, I prefer the use of radio.

Having my own radio show as a way to converse and hear the opinions of others is a great way to help get information out and about. I could share something that others may not know about and I could learn about something that may have my interest. As long as people can back up something weighty and give proof for something that may be outrageous, then the information is worth knowing.

But having theories and conspiracies based on nothing, that just drives me up the wall.

“The government is trying to cover-up all of the crimes they’ve been committing. It’s time to wake up people—the government doesn’t care about our lives!”
I hung up before the guy continued going on a long tangent about government conspiracies and “hidden agendas” the citizens are blinded to. I swear, too many people are claiming to be “woke” nowadays.

“Sorry about that, listeners,” I said on-air. “Looks like a lunatic slipped through the cracks. Let’s get going onto a new caller.” I pressed a button to get the next call, “You’re live with Uriel.”

“5G towers are surveillance systems!”

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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