Lyrical Vibing

Music is a powerful tool. From creating mental images from sound, helping somebody fight their inner demons and breakthrough difficult times in their life, or even help mask the sound of taking a life, music has its number of uses. It can be used as a signal to start a major event. When toyed with and manipulated, it can help turn a barren hallway into one lively dance floor. Or, if you’re a much simpler person, music can just be something nice to listen to.

People sing along to the lyrics they hear, or even freestyle when they hear a song with no words. Remixing on the fly with hands for drums and feet for beats, music can be made anywhere and anytime. It’s just as diverse as people: no two songs are exactly the same, all being flavored with different flair. Music is just spectacular.

It can help you forget the stressful part of life, helping you ease right on through. With enough practice, it can even put a person in a trance.

With the sounds of the hectic city drowned out by my music, I ran through the rural streets towards the train station.

My head kept bobbing as the rhythm took over my body, the snares acting like audio signals for my movements.

He turned his attention to my headphones that were near the train car door, “Your singing was nothing but loud, obnoxious noise to me and the others.”

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