Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Milk & Mixtures

Haruka sits down in her chair and rolls over to the desk, grabbing the beaker. Mirai starts to make her way to the make shift box desk a few feet away from Haruka’s; she sits in front of a small laptop on top of a box, turning it on.

“Is there anything specific you’re searching online for?”

“No. Just feel like passing time.”

“Perhaps you and I could do something together to pass the time.”

“Sure. What did you want to do?”

Haruka chuckles and gets up from her seat with the beaker in hand. She walks over to Mirai and leans over, lightly shaking the beaker in front of her face.

“You could help me figure out what this does.”

Seeing the liquid in the beaker puts Mirai in a small panic; she’s seen the many different results of Haruka’s experiments and has been a test subject a few times.

“W-W-What?! W-W-W-Why me?!”

“You’re the only one here. Besides, I’m sure nothing outrageous will happen to you.”

“But you just said you need my help figuring out what it is!”

“What if this help you feel more like a woman?”


Haruka puts the beaker down in front of Mirai and walks over to the fridge. She opens it and pulls out a carton of milk.

“We’ve been going through milk a lot faster than usual lately. You wouldn’t happen to know why, would you?”

Bringing up the topic makes Mirai blush a bit.

“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Drinking milk does help a female increase her bust size, but it’s not always noticeable for some. Last time I checked, nobody here was trying to get bigger, except for one person.”

Haruka puts the milk back, walks to Mirai and squats down, whispering something into her ear.

“You’re the only flat one, Mirai.”

Feeling Haruka’s breath on her cheek made Mirai sit up straight and stiffen up; she blushes much more. She glances over at Haruka and sees a small smile on her face. Giving in, Mirai lets out a sigh and lowers her head.

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