Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Milk & Mixtures

“Haruka-sama, I f***ing swear, I’m not doing this! This s**t is uncontrollable; it’s the f***ing blue stuff you gave me!”

“Are you blaming me for your dirty habits?”

Caught between a rock and a hard place with that question, Mirai closes her mouth and doesn’t answer that. Noticing how Mirai didn’t answer, Haruka sigh and starts looking through her various test tubes and beakers for something.

“Looks like I’ll have to find the antidote. Give me a moment. Nothing but trial and errors.”

As Haruka looks through her assortment of tubes for a possible antidote, Mirai walks over to her and watches. A few seconds pass before Mirai has another outburst.

“Mother f****r! Did you find one yet?”

“Just a second. I want to fix this on the first try.”

Mirai watches as Haruka picks up different tubes, mumbling to herself about which one is which. A few minutes pass before Haruka finds a possible solution, but then she notices that Mirai hasn’t said anything. She looks back at her and questions her.

“Did it leave your system?”

“I-I dunno. It’s been quiet for a bit. Maybe it– Go roll into a ditch and f***ing die! Nope.”

Haruka picks a small, light orange liquid and gives it to Mirai; she drinks it without the slightest hesitation, gulping it down in one try. They let a minute pass before talking

“Do you feel anything?”

“Not yet. Just have a bad taste in my mouth now.”

“You’ll get over it. Just go about your business and we’ll see if you’re still trying to curse my name. If you are, I have an alternative method to help get it out of your system.”

“N-No thanks, I’m good!”

Haruka shrugs and turns to her desk, beginning to work on a new experiment. Mirai waits for a moment to see if any symptoms happens; everything stays quiet and she goes back to her laptop. There’s a quiet session between the two of them, as they’re both focused on their own tasks in front of them. However, it it short lived.

“I secretly put on everybody’s underwear to feel more womanly. What the hell?!”

With her interest peaked and a devilish expression, Haruka quickly turns around in her chair and looks at Mirai. She then crosses her arms and legs, waiting for something else to happen.

“Oh? That’s quite a surprise, but it’s a bit cute.”

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