Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Milk & Mixtures

Mirai blushes heavily and shakes her head.

“I-I-I-I didn’t say that on purpose! It just came out of me!”

“If you want, I can let you try on a few of mine. They might a bit too risque for you, though.”

“I would really like that. WHAT THE F**K?!”

Haruka starts giggling and walks over to Mirai, hovering over her just a bit. Mirai looks up at Haruka.

“What kind of stuff did you give me?!”

“A small truth serum.”


Haruka gives Mirai a small pat on her head before going to the refrigerator and taking out the carton of milk again.

“I’m going to ask again. You wouldn’t happen to know why we’re running out a milk faster than usual, would you?”

Eyes wide and trying to hold back a forced answer, Mirai keeps her attention locked on Haruka. As Haruka shakes the milk carton, Mirai shakes her head.

“Who drank the milk, Mirai?”

Using all of her might and effort, Mirai manages to hold back her automatic response for just a bit longer, but it all comes to an end.

“Me! I drank it all to try and get bigger breasts!”

A smile appears on Haruka’s face.

“Was that so hard? All you had to do was be honest.”

Haruka puts the milk back and grabs Mirai by her arm.

“Let’s go.”

“Huh? Were are we going?”

“You wanted to try on my underwear. So, let’s go.”

“WHAT?! Please no!”

Haruka slowly drags Mirai across the floor. As much as she wants to break away, Mirai can only scream and deny everything, or else it will turn out a lot worse.

“You don’t have to lie to me, Mirai.”

“Why me… All this just because I drank milk?! Damn it, Haruka-sama!”

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