Senran Kagura: Ninja Mishaps – Milk & Mixtures

“I can’t say ‘No’ to you, Haruka-sama. Literally, you’ll probably turn me into a puppet.”

Mirai stares down with the blue liquid in front of her. She gives is a long stare before picking it up.

“Go on, drink up.”

“Please let something good happen…”

In one gulp, Mirai drinks the rest of the blue liquid. She put the beaker down and sits there, waiting for something to happen; Haruka watches intently for some kind of reaction.

“Do you feel anything?”

Mirai shakes her head.

“No, nothing.”

Letting out an exasperated sigh and sits back in her seat, resting her cheek on her hand. She looks at Mirai a bit longer before turning back to her desk.

“Looks like that was a dud experiment. Doesn’t really matter now since there’s no more of it.”

“F**k you, Haruka!”

Haruka doesn’t move; she waits for a moment to see if anything happens. She shakes her head.

“I think I was just hearing things. She wouldn’t say that.”

“F**k you, Haruka!”

Doing a slow, villainous chair swivel, Haruka faces Mirai with a blank expression. She sees Mirai blushing heavily with her hands over her mouth; her face is covered with dread and despair.

“Were you talking to me, Mirai?”

“I-I-I-I didn’t mean that! T-T-T-That’s wasn’t o-o-on purpose!”

Haruka crosses her arms and legs, waiting for Mirai to say something else.


Seeing Mirai swear like this makes Haruka laugh a bit. 

“My my, Mirai. It seems like you’re dying for a punishment. I never imagined that you would be that kind of person. I can just imagine all the faces you would make.”

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