A Brother’s Forgiveness

The moon is at its highest, allowing its glowing light to pierce through the thick, green brush of the forest. Although this is their peek hours, the nocturnal creatures are not roaming the forest; all is silent except for the sound of a pair of footsteps walking on top of dry, fallen leaves.

Slowly traversing through the forest, there’s a woman traveling alone. Although the moonlight his powerful, the hood of her cloak is covering a good portion of the top of her head. However, there are two small objects ejecting from the top of her forehead, preventing the cloak from covering her dark brown eyes. Beneath the cloak, the woman has on an old, traditional style kimono, blue in color with a dark purple and white floral pattern and is walking in a pair of aged oak sandals.

“It shouldn’t be much further now,” the woman whispers to herself. As the woman continues her journey through the forest, the woman starts to notice something different; as she’s breathing, her breath becomes visible as a cold mist. “Damn… I must have entered ‘that’ part of the forest now.”

A light mist has slowly drifted down upon the entire forest. The woman suddenly comes to a stop. She begins to take deep breaths and her voice starts cracking as if she’s holding back tears.

“None of this would have happened if I…” The woman takes a small part of her cloak and wipes it on her face. She takes a moment to regain her composure before continuing her walk through the mist covered forest.

As she’s walking, the sound of leaves breaking echo in the distance behind her. The woman comes to a sudden halt, but the echo also comes to a stop as well. After listening for a few moments, she starts walking again, but this time, the echo is traveling faster than her own pace. She stops again and turns around to face the forest behind her.

“Who’s there?” she demands. She watches the area, making multiple glaces at possible blind spots behind the numerous trees. She stakes a defensive stance, “Show yourself!”

Letting out the command, the woman hears nothing but her own echo last for just a moment. She examines the area one last time, making sure there’s nobody around before going back on her journey. Immediately after turning back around and walking, the woman trips over something. Having heightened reflexes, she manages to catch herself from falling the ground and manages to prop herself back on her feet. She looks down behind her and sees a small, black rock.

“Damn nature,” she says while picking up the rock. She bounces it in her hand, and then launches it down the path that she walked already. She goes back to walking shortly after throwing the rock.

While the rock is mid-flight, it ricochets off of a tree and hits a large, dirt covered boulder. Moments after the collision, the large boulder begins to shake, sending tremors through the ground. With the ground underneath her shaking right at her feet, the woman quickly turns around and watches the path she walked down.

“Somebody was following me after all!” The woman scans the area and notices the boulder. While she’s looking in that direction, she notices a trail of old, stained bones moving on their own and piling up around the boulder.

“No…” The woman’s hands begin violently shaking and her appearance begins to change; the pupils in her eyes shrink and narrow and the whites of her eyes are turning into a light shade of purple. “I need to get out of here!”

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