A Brother’s Forgiveness

Seeing its prey motionless in the clearing, the Ōdokuro lets out another roar and starts charging towards the woman, slashing down trees in its path. The woman allows the skeletal beast to approach a bit. She snaps her fingers and the Hitodama wall behind her travels towards the Ōdokuro as if fired from a cannon. Being struck by a cluster of souls, the Ōdokuro stops its charge and goes into a wild daze, flailing its arms around.

Watching her plan, the woman clenches her fist and prepares for a second action, “That should buy me some time to get the next one ready.” She takes another deep breath, places both of her hands on her chest, and closes her eyes. While she’s in this relaxed state, she remembers the words spoken to her from a gentle, womanly voice.

Doing a heavenly summoning in your state may kill you. Is your purpose truly worth risking your life?

As the woman stands there, the air around her becomes visible; her hair and clothing starts blowing around as she concentrates. With a clear mind and enemy in near her, she answers that question with a single word, “Yes.” The woman opens her eyes and her eye color is a pure white with her pupils barely seen.

Once she opens her eyes, the air around her flows away takes the faint outline of some kind of large avian creature at her side. She begins a new chant, “Heavenly Yokai,” The woman shifts stances and goes offensive, as if she’s about to draw a blade from its sheath. The avian creature mimics the woman’s actions as they occur. “Lend me light to vanquish this evil entity before me!”

The Ōdokuro lets out one last roar; the force from the roar is so intense, it forces the cluster of Hitodama around it to break and shatter into different directions. Taking a second to regain its composure, the Ōdokuro breaks down and reshapes into a new creature. Now, instead of standing on two legs, it’s crawling on all fours close to the ground. It digs its front claw into the ground and charges at the woman once more.

Waiting for the creature to get into the perfect range, the woman stares it down. Just a few seconds after it charges, the woman announces, “Cut through, Daitengu!”

Drawing the non-existent blade from its sheath, the woman rapidly brings it over her head and slashes downward with all the force she can bring. The avian creature behind her mimics this, but something different occurs. As it draws its blade, the air surrounding it starts to become visible, taking the shape of a long, curved blade. As the creature performs the strike, a massive wave fires from it, piercing the air and comes in contact with the Ōdokuro.

The skull of the Ōdokuro begins to crack and splits into two halves. The rest of the skeletal creature starts to break down and fall apart, making it shower shards and pieces of bone. The woman quickly drops down and forms a ball, covering her head from the shower until it passes.

As the last bone falls to the ground, the woman slowly lifts her head up; the avian creature is still there. She snaps her fingers again and it breaks its shape and becomes one with the wind again. As she tries to stand again, all of her strength has left her body, forcing her to fall face first back onto the ground. Breathing heavily, she lies on the ground for a moment before rolling onto her back, looking up at the night sky, “I… did it.”

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