A Brother’s Forgiveness

Tears are now pouring from her eyes as her crying picks up in intensity. While crying, the Hitodama starts to change color; it goes from a bright, orange hue, to a bluish white. It slowly floats away from the woman and a disembodied voice begins speaking.

“Don’t apologize for the actions of a demon. You lived with it for so long, and now you’ve managed to break though and become yourself again. You didn’t kill me, Fumiko.”

The woman, now identified as Fumiko, watches the Hitodama and speaks, “Tohru?!”

As Fumiko speaks the name, the Hitodama flies into her, passing through her and vanishes into the tombstone behind her. Upon coming in contact with it, Fumiko lets out a loud gasp and it locked in place, her entire body feeling paralyzed. Moments later, Fumiko’s face begins to have little cracks forming. As the cracks become larger, a small portion of skin can be seen underneath them. The horns on top of her head crumble and fall apart and the fangs she has begins chipping and falling out. Once the last crack forms on her face, it all falls off, revealing a different face.

Her skin is flushed from the once pale color, and is now more lively with a natural, light peach tone. Her once, dark eyes, are now back to being a dark brown, but there seems to be more life within them now. Feeling somewhat lighter, Fumiko notices the broken pieces of horn on the ground and beings feeling her face.

“What… What happened?”

“You’ve been given your humanity back, Fumiko.”

Caught off guard from hearing the soft, feminine voice, Fumiko quickly looks up; somebody is standing in the middle of the clearing.

Illuminated by the moonlight shining down from above, there’s a very tall and slim woman standing. She has on a long, traditional feudal style white kimono with red and orange butterfly patterns scattered all over it. Her skin is a bit pale, but her cheeks are lightly flushed with red. Her long, light brown hair is out and straight down her back, gently fanned out as it reaches the ground.; her appearance gives off a powerful hint of some kind of heavenly entity.

“I hope I didn’t startle you?” the heavenly woman asked.

Fumiko shakes her head and replies, “N-No, it’s okay. I just never thought I would see you in person.”

“So you remember who I am?

Fumiko nods and slowly gets on her feet. “You’re the voice that spoke to me some time ago about all this. You’re Amaterasu.”

Amaterasu gives a small smile and nods, “You’re correct.”

“You’re… just a lot taller than I ever imagined. Even reading about you in storybooks, they’re nothing compared to seeing you in person.”

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