A Brother’s Forgiveness

“You were lucky that there was still a small part of your soul that didn’t change into a Yokai. And it was a low level one, too. If your entire soul became a Hannya, then there would have only been one option.”

Fumiko takes a deep breath and looks up at Amaterasu, “Thankfully, I was able to hold onto that small part.”

Amaterasu nods. Fumiko looks at the tombstone once more and then stands back up on her feet. “I… I just don’t know what to do now.”

“You continue to live on.” Amaterasu gets back on her feet and smiles. “It’s what Tohru would want you to do.”

The fog that was outside of the forest now begins to slowly make its way into the clearing. Fumiko quickly wipes her eyes to stop any tears from trickling down.

“For my brother’s sake. For Tohru.”

“Yes. For Tohru.”

Fumiko takes a deep breath again, faces Amaterasu and bows. “Thank you for showing me the way back to who I really am.”

Amaterasu smiles and nods. Fumiko takes one last look at her, and then turns around, walking into the fog and disappears. Shortly after Fumiko’s departure, a small, white cat, standing on its back legs and wearing a long, dark blue hooded robe walks from behind Amaterasu and stands next to her. It has a deep, masculine voice and an eye patch covering its left eye.

“Are you sure it was a good idea to let her walk away?”

Amaterasu doesn’t respond. The white cat looks up at her.

“Hey, Ama?”

“Her souls is back to normal,” she answers. “I can tell that she truly never wanted any of this to happen. Not all humans are evil.”

“Yeah, yeah. You know, you’re too nice sometimes.”

Amaterasu chuckles, “You’ve seen how strict I can be.”

After hearing that sentence, the white cat shivers a bit. “Don’t remind me. Just thinking about it sends chills to my tail. We’re getting a drink today. You comin’?” The cat then turns around and starts walking in the other direction.

“Only if they have my teas restocked today.” Amaterasu turns around and follows the white cat.

The pair walk to the other side of the clearing and right into the fog. Shortly after they enter the fog, the fog lifts and nobody is seen inside the clearing.

— End

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