A Brother’s Forgiveness

Amaterasu chuckles again. “I’m sorry.” Amaterasu examines Fumiko’s face, and then looks at the broken pieces of her old self on the ground. “How does it feel to be a human again?”

Snapping out of amazement, Fumiko quickly touches her cheeks once more, “I don’t really know how to feel. Did you do this?”

Amaterasu shakes her head and points at the tombstone behind Fumiko. Fumiko turns around and looks at the tombstone, reading the words that are suddenly engraved in it. “Tohru Miyatake.”

“Oh, Tohru… I’m sorry for everything.” Fumiko crouches down and lightly runs her fingers across the tombstone. “The younger sibling is never suppose to leave before the older one.”

“Were you able to see him one last time?”

Fumiko smiles a bit. “Yeah, but not all of him. I only saw his soul. Before he passed through me, I did hear is voice one more time, too.” Fumiko takes her hand and places it on her chest, “It felt like a large weight was lifted off me after I was able to fulfill my promise. After being attacked, I honestly thought I was going to die before being able to see this.”

Amaterasu smiles and walks over to Fumiko, getting on her knees and looks at the tombstone. “When you saw his soul, it was orange, wasn’t it?”

Fumiko nods, “But after I spoke to him for a little while, it turned blue.”

“That means he forgave you,” Amaterasu says. “When a person is looking for forgiveness by somebody they once killed, the soul of the deceased has the ability to give somebody their humanity back. If the person can prove that they truly are sorry for their actions and the soul is put to rest, the soul will perform the –”

“’Act of Rejuvenation.’”

“It seems like you know a bit about mythology. Then again, it can’t really be a myth if you see it happen with your own eyes, now can it?”

Fumiko laughs a bit, “I guess you’re right. I went from being a Hannya, fought a giant skull thing, became human again, and I get to meet you in person. I guess not every myth is just a ‘myth.’”

Fumiko stays silent, while Amaterasu looks down at her. After a while, Fumiko begins speaking again.

“I didn’t hurt anybody while I was a Hannya, did I?”

Amaterasu shakes her head, “Nobody. I had somebody stopping you even at the slightest hint of danger. Thankfully, that only needed to be done just a few number of times. You really don’t remember anything when the Hannya took over?”

“Not even the slightest… I’m just glad that I didn’t hurt anybody else.”

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