A Brother’s Forgiveness

Without a second thought, the woman turns back around and breaks out into a full sprint, making distance between herself and the bones.

The boulder begins shaking violently; the dirt on it boulder falls off, revealing that it was an unnaturally large skull of some sorts; one of the eye sockets has a large slash across it, chunks of bone are missing in spots, and two fangs covers the entire jawline. Every bone that collected around the newly revealed skull melts away and is absorbed into the surrounding dirt. A few moments later, all shaking on the ground stops and all is calm. However, it didn’t last.

A pair of beastly, skeletal claws emerge from the ground. The skull rocks in place for a moment, and then a full, skeletal structure rises with the skull placed as the head. The entire skeleton has marks all over its body and us stained as if they haven’t been unearthed for decades. Standing at an easy twenty feet tall, the beast lets out a thunderous roar, echoing throughout the entire forest.

With her adrenaline pumping through her blood and tears flowing down her face, the woman takes a quick glance at the creature. “O-Ōdokuro!” she shouts. Fully aware of what she’s up against, she focuses back on trying to escape. All she hears is the roar of the beast and the sound of falling trees as it approaches.

The skeletal beast, an Ōdokuro, focuses directly on the woman and starts moving at a faster pace. With only one desire in mind, the Ōdokuro takes one of its feet and stomps the ground with tremendous force, sending a shock-wave through the ground. As it’s traveling, the ground begins to shift and forms a small wave. The woman looks back, but without any time to react, is struck by the wave, sending her flying through the forest and into a large clearing. As she falls back to the ground, her body bounces against the ground and crashes into a large tombstone.

Badly wounded from both the wave and the collision, the woman struggles to try and stand with her head hanging down; she uses the tombstone as leverage to get back on her feet. Breathing heavily, the woman looks up at the night sky. Her hood of her cloak falls off and her entire face is shining in the moonlight. Her skin is pale as snow, but it now dirty from bouncing against the ground. The two objects on her forehead were two small, smoke colored horns; one of them was chipped from the tombstone. With pain coursing through her body, she holds her side, bearing her fang-like teeth and focuses now on the Ōdokuro approaching her.

Just standing in place is making the woman wince. However, she knows that if she doesn’t do something soon, her fate will be sealed. “Looks like I don’t have much of a choice at this point…,” she weakly says to herself. “But I can’t go on the offensive yet.”

She looks around the clearing for anything that could seem useful, but then the sight of the clearing gives her an idea; the entire clearing is covered in tombstones. The woman moves her hand from her side and forces herself to stand up straight. With her sights locked onto the Ōdokuro, the woman points directly at it; moments later, her entire hand turns black.

She takes a deep breath and begins a chant, “I am the curse, the curse is I. I call upon thee, Purgatorial Yokai, Hitodama!”

Immediately after finishing the chant, dozens of small, blue orbs begins rising from the numerous graves all over the clearing. They make their way to the woman and start hovering behind her like a wall. “Low level soul summoning… This needs to work.”

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