Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Welcome to Work

“Alex, wake up! You’re gonna be late today!”

I keep my eyes close and stay asleep, rolling over in bed so that I can bury my face in my pillows.

“Come on, don’t ignore me. I know you’re awake.”

It’s true that I can hear her, but my mind and body are just so exhausted from last night, that all I want to do is just stay motionless in bed and sleep longer. Plus, I feel like this has happened before… If my memory is correct, the next thing she’s going to say is going to involve something related to the date.

“Alex, get up. It’s Monday! You overslept and you need to get up now if you want to make it in time!”

Yeah, all of this is starting to sound really familiar. Sam has to be playing some kind of joke on me; there’s no way I’m falling for it this time. Last time I woke up when she was saying something like this I rushed myself out of bed and got ready for work on a Sunday all because she read the time and date on her phone wrong.

I lift my head up a bit just to let out a loud yawn and mumble, “Sam, you probably didn’t look at your phone right. Remember, everything’s set to the right time now.”

Sam’s voice gets a bit higher as she whines, “But I’m not wrong this time. It’s really Monday and if you don’t get up now, you’ll definitely be late for work!”

I feel Sam plopping onto the empty space in the bed next to me and she starts nudging me in my shoulder.

She’s going to keep on going until I give in and get up…Might as well get this over with now so I can go back to sleep.

I roll onto my back and stretch, hearing my body pop and crack in a few places. I sigh a bit and rub my eyes before I open them, “Alright, so if I’m going to be late for work, what time is it now?”

Sam eagerly climbs on top of me and straddles on my hips. She reaches into the top of her red and blue polka-dot pajama top and pulls out her smartphone. I know she doesn’t wear a bra while around the house, but it’s still surprising to me when I see her just magically pull things from between her breasts like its nothing.

She starts swiping through her phone for a moment before turning it around to show me, “Look!”

When Sam shows me the home screen of her phone, it takes me a minute to get around the fact that her main wallpaper has two girls, drawn in some kind of Japanese anime style, kissing underneath a tree with one of them half naked. Even though I’m looking at the wallpaper for just a moment, I almost forget why Sam was even showing me her phone in the first place. Thankfully the blinking, digital numbers at the top of the screen reminds me. Rapidly flashing, the numbers read “6:53AM.”

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