Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Welcome to Work

“Two chicken burritos and a side of nachos, your order’s ready!”

“Ugh, finally!”

With hunger all on her face, Eliza eagerly passes a few dollar bills into the window of a white food truck and gets a heavy plastic bag in exchange. She sticks her face in the bag and takes a big whiff of the cilantro and spicy chicken delight in the containers.

“I can’t wait to get back in the office to eat this,” Eliza says with a little drool coming out of the corner of her mouth. She walks back to me, waiting in front of the windows to a local bookstore.

“Don’t forget, one of those are mine,” I say.

“You’re acting like I’d be able to eat your food along with mine.”

“You’ve done it in the past when I forgot to pick up food from you.”

Eliza shrugs it off, “It’s not my fault if you forgot to get your fries out of the bag, love. If it’s still in my bag by the time I get back to my desk, it means you abandoned it, and I always take in abandoned food.”

Lunch in hand with a lot of time left for break, we start heading back to the office building. If we make it to the kitchen in time we might be able to grab a seat at the round table. With that in mind, I pass the idea along to Eliza and we go into a light jog.

I swear, Eliza’s a glutton. How does she eat so much, but still able to keep a figure like that? Where does all of the fat go?

During our jog, I decide to take a split second to take a look at her and I instantly regret it. Even during a light jog, Eliza’s breasts seem to move on their own, bouncing around without a care. If life was more like a cartoon, you’d be able to hear the “boing” sound effect with every step she takes.

I wonder if Sam can guess her cup size by just looking at them? I should have Eliza come to the house one day to find out.

We turn the corner just around the block from our office building just at the other end of it. Eliza rushes off without me, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before she’s able to sit down and completely devour her food.

When I see her reach the steps to the building, it suddenly occurred to me that she’s carrying a bag with my food in it as well. I break out into a sprint to try and catch up, “Hey wait, you still have my burrito!”

* * * * *

I’m dreading walking into work tomorrow. This whole week is going to be busy with charges and balancing bills for lazy residents. I need a vacation.

As I’m walking across the lawn from the garage, I unbutton the top of my blouse and let my hair down to ease the stress on my body from the long workday. Aching fingers, dry eyes, and stiff shoulders are the daily impacts I have to endure with a desk job. Thankfully, I have comedic co-workers to help get through it.

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