Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Welcome to Work

I peek my head around the corner to get a look through the tall glass doors that leads into the appointment area for the office. Just at the end of it is the reception desk with the large dividing wall behind it. Thankfully, the new blonde girl hired for the position isn’t at it right now, probably somewhere in the bathrooms trying to get away with talking on her phone.

Coming from around the corner and going into a speed walk, I move right through the doors and the reception are, my high heels clacking against the bright, white tile flooring. I pull my office badge from out of my pocketbook and swipe it on the doors that leads into the main office, putting me in the clear of the first part of my stealthy operation.

After walking through the small connecting hallway from the front to the back offices, the usual sea of cubicles greets me. The entire office is filled with people chatting, whether it’s with one another or clients on phone calls with the occasional video chats for that added polite factor. In here, I can easily walk past everybody and nobody will even notice. I adjust my outfit a bit so that nothing seems out of place, a quick button up of my blouse with my black blazer nicely held over my shoulder and my black dress pants free of any lint. I even take a moment to see if my ponytail is flared a bit in the back.

Like an invisible body I walk through the isles of the office, heading for the back wall. Although this entire floor easily holds roughly forty cubicles, there’s another section of the floor designated for the higher-up staff: the main executives and brokers. Like before, I have to swipe my card to get into that part of the office.

Just a few more steps and I’ll be in the clear. I got this.

“Well well well. Look who decided to show their pretty head into work.”

Fuck. Almost made it.

I was in the home stretch. All I had to do was walk into my cubicle and I would have been golden. I let out a sigh and shrug, letting my head hang low for a bit, “Morning, Ms. Auburns. Sorry I’m late.”

Ms. Nicole Auburns, my head boss, was standing right on the other side of the door when I walked through. She’s a woman of average height, probably around five-six, slim build with dark brown, perfectly straight hair and blue eyes. Even though she’s my boss, I still have to physically look down at her a bit, which makes having casual conversations somewhat funny.

With both of her hands on her hips, Ms. Auburns lifts her head up just enough to look at my face, but does it to seem somewhat important and of high class, “You’re about fifteen minutes late. That’s enough for a write-up.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I had some issues with my alarms, so I woke up late. I’ll have it fixed by tomorrow.”

Ms. Auburns nods her head and pats me on my arm, “Don’t worry about it too much. I know you’re one of my best people, so I know you’d never be late without good reason. Just get to your spot and catch up on today’s work. I’ll be back later. There’s a board meeting going on in the building about the different companies in the building.”

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