Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Welcome to Work

I can feel my stomach just sink when I read the time but I try not to jump to conclusions just yet. There’s still one thing I need to see. I swipe through Sam’s phone and head straight for the calendar. Even though I was so confident that this all was a joke, Sam was right: it really is Monday.

“Oh… Oh fuck!” My adrenaline kicks in and I push Sam off of me and springs onto my feet. While I’m making my way towards the second floor bathroom, I start undressing and tell Sam, “Sam, go get my outfit ready. I’ll skip breakfast and I’ll just stop at the store for a snack before I head into the office.”

My mind is so out of it from last night. I’m always on point when it comes to my job, but I guess I still have those days where I drop the ball. To be honest though, last night did leave me feeling a bit more exhausted than usual; I lost control a bit and went a little further. I should ask how Sam’s feeling.

When I reach the bathroom, I’m half naked from the top down and start brushing my teeth. While I’m doing that, I notice Sam walking into the bathroom with a determined look on her face. She’s even holding my work outfit folded in her hands. Brush in my mouth, I look at her reflection and raise my eyebrow; she already knows that when I do that, I’m confused.

“Don’t move,” she says in a slightly demanding tone. She puts the folded clothes on top of the toilet cover and walks up to me. Without any notice or giving me some kind of hint, Sam yanks down my boy shorts.

I spit out my toothbrush and look down at Sam, my face blushing red from both surprise and embarrassment, “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Helping you get dressed.”

“I can get dressed on my own. I don’t need help putting on clothes. Besides, if either one of us ever needed help, it’s always you because you somehow get your arm stuck in the wrong hole when you’re trying on new clothes.”

Sam’s own embarrassment shows all over her cheery red face, “S-Shut up! That jacket had a lot of slits for design and I couldn’t tell where I was suppose to put my arm.”

I splash some water on my face and Sam passes me a towel to dry off, “That’s true.” I reach over to my clothes on the lid and pick up the white, short sleeve blouse to put it on. I take a brief moment to think then decide on letting Sam help me, “Well, since you’re already here, could you comb my hair out? It’ll help me get out the door faster.”

She quickly gives me a thumbs up and grabs a comb out from between her breasts.

“… How the hell are you doing that?”

“Don’t worry about it, just keep getting dressed.”

* * * * *

I’ll have to do this as quick as possible without getting spotted. If I can at least make it pass the boss’s desk, I’ll be in the clear. I’ll worry about the clock-in time later.

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