Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Cotton Candy Girl

He’s a week behind on a rent payment, while she’s due for another two weeks. Damn, and this guy’s trying to settle a dispute with the landlord about holding his next month’s rent due to the lack of a functioning lock. I’ll call him later to speak with him.

After taking a moment to look over the rest of my workload for the week, I push my chair back from my desk and rub my eyes. It’s bad enough that I need glasses for daily use, but having to stare at a computer screen for hours a day definitely puts an extra strain on them from time to time. I glace at the small digital clock on my desk.

“Just after eleven. I could stop for a bit.”

I get up from my desk to take a moment to do a nice stretch. When I extend my arms out, I could feel a sharp crack on my elbow; it even sounds like somebody just popped a bone out of place. A second later, a wave of relaxed muscle and pressure relief takes over my entire arm.

I let out a small sigh and move my elbow around, “Oh man, that felt amazing.”

“It sure as hell didn’t sound amazing.”

I step out of my cubicle and walk down to Eliza’s; she’s stretched out with the back of her chair against the wall of the cubicle and her feet propped up on the desk blocking the computer monitor. I lean against the wall with my arms folded and look at her.

“Working hard?”

“Hardly working,” she answers. She moves a small strand of hair away from her face and looks at me, “All day, I’ve had nothing but people with late payments on their bills. You’d expect grown adults to be on top of their game. Sadly, some still lack responsibility.”.

“Did you call the people to let them know about late payments?”

“Of course not. I hate having to call people I don’t know on a personal level. That’s why I sent them emails just a few minutes ago.”

Weren’t you just talking about responsibility?

As much as I want to call her out on the irony in her words, she’s most likely just make a snarky remark for even doing so. I move a bit closer to get a look at her computer monitor.

“How can you work when your feet are blocking it?”

Eliza spreads her feet apart to show the screen, “I minimized the window so I wouldn’t be reminded that I’m at work. Only got my feet up because my high heels are killing me.”

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