Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Cotton Candy Girl

Heather nods and gives me a little smile before heading back to her desk. With everything cleared up, I turn back into Eliza’s cubicle and find her staring straight at me with a big grin on her face. She must have something devious to tell me.


“You’re such a ‘mum.’”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“You know exactly what to say when your child’s upset and have to show them step-by-step about how to do something.”

“Shut up. I just didn’t want to see here get so upset for almost nothing. Besides, I had to pretty much follow Sam around for a month or two when she first arrived to the states, so it’s almost second nature.” Just talking about that makes my cheeks flush a bit. I’ll admit that, at first, it was annoying having to babysit somebody, but it eventually grew on me. Now, it’s part of my daily life and I wouldn’t want to change it.

I can see a gleam in Eliza’s eyes when she says, “I bet you two role-play a student-teacher relationship when you’re about to fu–”

“Stop right there!”

* * * * *

There are multiple times in the day where I catch myself spacing out in a matter of seconds from having either a lack of something to do, or being exposed to prolonged thoughts that just float around in my mind for some time. Though, most of the time it’s just me thinking about some stupid junk from television or a show Sam begged me to watch with her one late night. I should really make sure I don’t let that happen at work or somebody might think that I’m staring at them or ignoring them.

“So, what ended up happening was me and David jumped from bar to bar looking for one specific drink, but nobody made it. I got so pissed that I bought the stuff for myself and made it at home. Want something done, might as well do it yourself, right?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t here. I got caught thinking about what Sam’s doing at home.”

Frustrated just a bit, Eliza folds her arms and lets out a small sigh, shaking her head, “I’m not retelling that entire story. Moral of the story: just do things yourself.”

I look down at the table and remember that I have a nice, juicy double-stack burger waiting in front of me. I look at the table and notice that Eliza is already halfway through hers and there’s only a few fries left in her container. I take a bite of my food before getting back on topic.

“Were you talking about you and your husband bar hopping again?

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