Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Cotton Candy Girl

She passes me the paper for me to look at it. When I look at it, I quickly notice that it’s a personal check, most likely a resident pay for his rent. I look it over to make sure it was properly filled out, but I see an error in it. Thankfully, the name on the check was an old resident I had to deal with in the past, so I can easily get Heather back to work.

Like a twenty dollar bill passing a counterfeit check, I pluck the corner of the check and hold it up to the ceiling light, “I remember this name. He got married a few months ago, so his last name changed in our system. That explains why you can’t find him.”

As if a heavy weight has been lifted off her her, Heather let out a loud sigh and laughs, “Thank goodness! I was worried I was doing something wrong.”

“However,” I continue, “we can’t accept the check. When did it arrive?”

“I believe it arrived two days ago.”

I flip the check around and point out one of the signature lines, “He forgot to sign his name on the front of the check. Without a sig, we can’t do anything with it.”

Heather quickly takes the check back and looks it over. I can tell that she completely overlooked the small detail. She lets out a groan and covers her face, “Damn, I messed up again! I’m going to lose this job and I haven’t even been here for a year!”

People forget to sign checks all the time… It’s nothing to get so upset about.

It’s common for little things to slip under the radar. Hell, even Eliza forgets to do a few things every now and then and she’s been here the longest with the exception of our boss. However, considering that Heather just graduated college a few months ago, it’s understandable that she doesn’t really want to make any mistakes on her first real job. But making mistakes is the fastest way to learn about how to master your job.

“Hey hey hey,” I tell Heather, “there’s no need to get all down. You’re not gonna get fired. Mistakes happen. Besides, this isn’t even something you did.” I tap her on the shoulder so she can move her hands away from her face.

When she looks at me, she tries really hard to hide the little trickle of tears coming down her cheek. She sniffles a bit, then wipes her face with her sleeve.

Oh geez, she does the same thing that Sam does whenever she wants something, except she isn’t doing the puppy dog eyes.

“Can you show me how to find this guy in the system?” she asks in a whisper.

“Yeah. Head over to your desk and I’ll be there in a sec. Just need to finish up something with Eliza here.”

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