Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Cotton Candy Girl

“Heather?” Eliza doesn’t even realize she’s shouting at this point.

With a small bowl in her hands, Heather quickly turns around after hearing her name, “Somebody called for me?”

Eliza jumps up from her seat and walks over to Heather, eyeing her up, down, and all around like a wild animal stalking its prey. After a whole minute, she backs away a bit and gives a nod.

“Yup. You’ve got ass.”


Eliza puts on a small smile and leans back against of the counter next to the fridge, “My dear Heather. You’re a young girl who’s still in the prime of her life. Exploring new things, learning about yourself. Experiencing love. Tell me, would you and your lover boy be interested in joining me and my husband in some casual bar hopping this weekend?”

Oh geez, here we go with her trying to recruit people.

When asked with the question, Heather’s face brightens and turns beet red, “I-I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Oh? Are you and Sam on the same team then? Are you secretly dating a woman?”

I fire off a cold glare, “I heard that.”

Heather shakes her head, repeating her answer, “I don’t have a girlfriend either. I’m not seeing anybody actually.”

In complete awe, Eliza gasps and grabs Heather by her hand and looks straight at her, “You’re kidding me, right? You, a girl in her early twenties with gorgeous blonde and blue hair, well endowed with a shapely figure, and shy attitude that would make anybody want to protect you, are you’re telling me that nobody’s swept you off of your feet yet?”

With all of the questions Eliza keeps asking about Heather and her social life, this lunch break is starting to turn into more of an impromptu interrogation; Heather didn’t even have a chance to put her food in the microwave ever since the questions started. I honestly feel bad for her, but it was the same way for me when Eliza first approached me about going out to drink. It’s just weird watching it happen I guess. Though, I am a bit surprised that Heather isn’t dating anybody. She seems like the kind of person who would rather spend all day in the house with the person she’s dating at the time than go out.

When I feel like the interrogation needs to come to an end, I call out to Eliza telling her that the rest of her food is going to get cold if she doesn’t finish eating it. As much as she likes to spend time with friends after work, making sure no scrap of food goes uneaten jumps right to the top of her priority list. She abruptly ends her little chat with Heather, picks up her food from the table, and proceeds to leave the kitchen. We exchange a few words first before she leaves for good.

With just me and Heather remaining in the kitchen, she takes Eliza’s seat and puts her head down on the table, letting out a loud groan.

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