Don’t You Remember? (Part Two) [18+]

“Damn, you look tired, babe. Barely got any sleep last night with Toni?”

“Yeah.” I let out a small chuckle. “Me and that crazy woman were up all night watching bad movies and laughing our asses off. My sides are still hurting a bit.”

Samuel helped me take my jacket off and hung it on one of the hooks by the door. I reached over to him and got in a nice kiss on his fat cheek. He looked like he had been up all night himself, his eyes a bit red, his face all dried and ashy, and his breath had a faint smell of beer when he yawned. Probably had the guys over while I was out. Too bad I can’t remember where I went last night.

I wrapped my arms around him in a hug and he grabbed back at me, his muscles pressing up against me in all of their toned and chiseled glory. We stayed hugging each other for a minute, eventually leading to us having a quick make-out session against the wall.

“Strawberries,” Samuel blurted out as he broke our kiss.


“You smell like strawberries. Toni had a new perfume to test out on you again?”

Strawberries? Shit, the smell from that girl’s bed must have stuck to me! I can’t let him know what happened.

I had to quickly play off the scent. As much as I didn’t like it, I had to keep last night a secret from Samuel. Ever since we first met in our early twenties Samuel made it very obvious that if he ever got into a serious relationship with somebody, he’d want them to be completely faithful. He’s a really jealous person when it comes to me hanging around other people, but he’s been pretty relaxed about me and Toni, my best friend since middle school.

That’s how I’m going to keep last night a secret.

I gave Samuel another kiss on his cheek before breaking away and walking down the hallway to the back of the apartment, “Yeah. Toni went shopping earlier this week for some new clothes and perfumes, so she had me try on some of the things she bought. I guess the smell lasted longer than I thought.”

“It smells good. You should ask her for the brand of it; you should have a bottle for yourself.”

I laughed it off when I reach the bathroom door, “I’ll think about it. I’m gonna shower and head to bed. I need my beauty sleep.”

Samuel and I exchanged smiles before I stepped into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. As soon as I took the first step in, the light sensor turned on, lighting up the entire room with a bright, white light. The tiles bounced the light all around, giving me a faint reflection if I stood close enough to the walls. All of the utilities were made out of ceramic, the sink, toilet, and bathtub, but everything was kept sparkly clean as if they were porcelain. Just above the sink I saw my tired reflection in the mirror of the overhead medicine cabinet.

My hair was tossed all over the place, but I had it in a loose ponytail to try and bring some kind of organization to it. There was barely any red lipstick left, some of it smudged on my cheeks. My black eyeliner had its own smearing going on, making my eye lids look like they were done with charcoal dust. I looked like shit. I couldn’t help it when a yawn slipped out. When it did, I saw something stuck between my front teeth.

I dragged the tip of my tongue across my teeth and felt something stick to it. I used my finger to pick it off; it was brown and thin like a piece of old floss. My mind tried to think about what it possibly could be, trying to think about all of the things I ate yesterday. In the middle of thinking about food, my eyes widen when I realized exactly what it was.

“… This is a pubic hair from that girl, isn’t it? Oh God, please I hope I didn’t go down on that girl.”

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