Don’t You Remember? (Part Two) [18+]

I took a deep breath to clear my mind as I started my shower. I didn’t get in right away first. I took out the things in my jeans pocket, just some loose change, my cellphone, and my wallet, and put them on the lid to the clothes hamper. After undressing, I shoved my clothes into the bottom of the hamper and sat on the toilet lid for a moment. I started checking my body to see if there were any unusual marks—scratches, bumps, bruises, anything that would give away that something went down. My arms didn’t have any marks, just the old scars from that evil cat in our apartment. My legs were good too, just a but sore around my knees. There was nothing noticeable on the front, so that was a plus. Just to be on the safe side, I tried to run my fingers along my entire back, feeling around for the normal back scratches from an intense night. Nothing.

Well, it seems like nothing too crazy happened to me. That’s a plus, I guess.

It was still a shock to me that I couldn’t remember anything about last night. No matter how long I thought about it, everything was still a blur to me. What I needed was something to help kick start my memory, see if it would help me figure out what lead to me ending up in somebody’s bed. I reached for my wallet, but when I did something fell out from between the folds in it. I looked down and saw a small card faced up that read “Starlight Clubs.”I flipped the card from the front to the back over and over again until I finally started to get the faintest memory pop into my mind.

I mumbled under my breath just to make sure Samuel didn’t hear me, “The bartender… I was sitting at the counter speaking to a male bartender. I was sitting there waiting for Toni to show up.”

The fog in my mind was beginning to clear up. I finally had he start of the night in my head. Last night, I planned to go out and have a few drinks with Toni. We normally go to our usual place over in Midtown, but we decided to try out this new place downtown called The Starlight Clubs. When I got there Toni didn’t show up yet, so I went over to sit at the bar counter to kill some times. Ordered a drink or two to help figure out the mood in the place.

But after I ordered my second drink, that’s when the fog in my mind came back. I tried to think and get the fog to go away again, but nothing new came from it. Trying to think just sucked a lot of energy out of me, making me all too tired to try anymore. I was still feeling a bit heavy from waking up in that girl’s bed anyways. I figured that if I just hopped in the shower real quick and went to sleep in my own bed, it would probably help me clear the fog.

Wanting to put last night behind me, I finally went into the shower. Steam quickly flowed from the shower curtains and the hot water sprinkled all over my achy, heavy body. My muscles start loosening up as I stretched my arms over my head. Running my hands over my face and through my hair, I stood naked underneath the pouring shower head to ease my entire being. Standing there made me forget about my sense of time and place; what felt like hours was probably just a few minutes or so and the walls and shower curtain trapped me inside my own personal relaxation chamber. My body felt lighter and without the chains of burden or stress.

I heard a knock on the bathroom door, bringing me back to reality inside my white tile bathroom. Thankfully, the door is only one step away from the tub, so I only had to take a quick hop out of the tub to unlock the door. “Come in.”

I got back in the shower and stuck my head from behind the curtain. Samuel took his time walking inside. Even though the room was filled with steam, it wasn’t thick enough to completely block the muscular sight in front of me.

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