Don’t You Remember? (Part Two) [18+]

Abruptly taking his fingers out I walked over to the sink and leaned over on it, using the sides to keep me propped up. Spreading my legs apart I bounced my ass as an invitation for him to come closer and told him, with a smile, “Just don’t finish too quick.”

He started to get cocky and smacked my ass around, the sting of his large fingers lingering long afterwards; it only helped me loosen up even more as he lined up my hips with his. His cock seemed to have a mind of its own, pulsating and prodding against me to have some fun. Samuel lubed himself up by rubbing against my clit, which was already drenched from my natural juices flowing out on its own. His hands grabbed my small love handles and carefully pulled me back, the tip practically sliding inside without any effort. Even though no more than half of his cock was easing up inside I couldn’t control the moans from slipping out. He was just being so slow, yet passionate with every thrust he did on me. I let my head hang down and pressed my chest against the edge of the sink, the cold ceramics keeping my nipples rock hard while my pussy got hotter and hotter with every movement.

The passion between us lasted but two minutes until Samuel got down to business. As he was pulling out, he threw himself forward, his entire cock reaching my deepest parts in a single move. The only thing keeping him from going any further was my ass, clapping every time his hips pushed their way through.

“Shit!” was the only thing I shouted when the tip brushed against my walls; I damn near lost my grip on the sink. My knees buckled and I fell forward a bit like the thrust took away all of the strength in my legs. Thankfully Samuel moved his hands back and caught my hips, keeping me upright. Not just for my own safety, but so his throbbing hard-on wouldn’t slide out. He held me there for a moment so I could get my breathing back under control. As soon as I did, that’s when he completely lost himself in the heat of the moment. He started pounding away at my pussy, using my ass as a cushion. All of that passion used to warm me up turned into pure primal urge as his cock kept driving in and out me. He let own deep grunts of his own every now and then, his own sign that the only thing on his mind was getting off a sweet release.

Every thrust made me do my own moaning and groaning, occasionally making me forget to breath whenever he changed speed to keep things hot. Our bodies kept slipping on each other as sweat poured from everywhere, both from out sex session and from being trapped in a steamy bathroom. In the heat of the moment I lifted my head and caught a glimpse of our love-making in the reflection of the mirrored medicine cabinet. Most of the glass was covered in steam, but the only visible portion was at the bottom. In it, I saw a woman with brunette hair, her hazel colored eyes filled with lust, being taken from behind by a large figure. However, the steam blocked any details of the person behind her.

For some reason, a little chuckle came when I saw myself in the mirror, “Damn, I look like such a slut.”

“I bet you want to finish like one.”

“You already know it, baby.”

My pussy started twitching as Samuel pulled his hard cock out. From all of his thrusting and pushing I could still feel the shape lingering inside, every inch and the slight bulge of a vein, his usual sign that he was about to bust. I couldn’t help rubbing my clit to keep that sensation lasting just a bit longer. He started doing some rubbing of his, grinding between my now tender ass cheeks. I just leaned against the sink and relaxed and let him do his thing. In a matter of seconds he was letting out a loud groan as I felt something hot and sticky being squeezed along my hips, trickling down and making a mess on my pussy.

For some reason, I had the sudden urge to laugh.

Samuel gave me a light smack on my ass before he asked, “What’s so funny? I thought you liked it when I came on you.”

I turned around so I could face him, still using the sink to keep me propped up, “I do, I do. It’s just, you’ve been getting closer and closer to having it land on my pussy. You really want to shoot off inside me, don’t you?”

He laughed too, giving a small shrug, “I can’t help it. It’ll feel great for both of us.”

“I’ll think about it.” I leaned forward and kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing my hips on his. “I may be well into my thirties, but I still don’t plan on becoming a mom. We were lucky when we caught the first one early enough.”

“Fine, fine.” He kissed me again.

We helped each other wash off and clean up, mostly spending more time trying to get of cum off. Even though Samuel had to be at work soon, we ended up going another round, this time under the hot water from the shower head. Sometimes, we just can’t get enough of each other.

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