Don’t You Remember? (Part Two) [18+]

Tapping the door closed with the heel of his foot Samuel eyed me intensely, his eyes slowly moving up and down my wet body. I started eyeing him myself, taking good notice at his bare chest and the lack of any boxers covering himself. It’s so unlike him to just suddenly strut his junk in front of me, but I wasn’t complaining about it. If anything, it was kinda hot of him to have the balls to just walk up to me already naked, both metaphorically and literally. I’m usually the one who got naked whenever they wanted it.

I couldn’t help showing a coy smile at him, “Hey there, big man. You trying to spy on me while I’m showering, huh?”

He chuckled at me, “No, not really. I thought you were in here for a bit, so I figured you could use some company.”

“It would be nice if I had somebody wash off my back.” As a little tease I turned around and cocked my hip to the side, putting my hands on my hips and rocked side to side. I looked over my shoulder and winked at him, “Feel like helping me with that?”

“I’d be more than delighted.”

In a matter of seconds he on me like a hunter going after its prey, his large hands grabbing my rocking hips and held them in place, pulling me onto his. Our height difference became very apparent when I felt my ass do a little bounce against his hips. I reached behind me and wrapped my arms around his neck, laying my head back on his shoulder so I can get a nice view of his face from just below. There’s a few marks from his years of shaving lining his chin, so I gave them a little kiss in hope that they’ll completely heal away, “You need to be more careful when you’re shaving, babe. I don’t like seeing all these cuts on your face.”

His hands started heading in different directions, on getting a firm cup on one of my breasts from underneath and the other sneaking its way between my thighs, fingers brushing against my leg, “It’s just a part of being a man. We cut our faces every now and then.”

“You’re clumsy, but I still love you for it.”

“Do you?”

“Of course.”

Our bodied pressed together, we rocked side-to-side for a bit in our own private dance to set the mood. I pulled his head a bit closer and lock lips with him, bouncing my hips against his. His hands started playing rough, one carelessly focused on my nipple, and the other running back and forth against my sensitive clit. Just from his normal foreplay alone I could feel my body heating up from the inside-out. I let my eyes close and broke our kissing, resting my head on his shoulder, slow pants and moans coming from my mouth. To have my own fun, I brought one of my hands down and grabbed behind me, getting a nice handful of his cock that mushed itself between my ass cheeks. I matched his finger-play on me by giving him a nice handjob to keep him up.

Between my moans I asked him, “Your job called you in again on a Sunday?”

“Sadly,” he sighed. “We’re down two guys over at the construction yard, and they desperately need the man power to help get things ready for Monday.”

In the heat of the moment, I felt something slim crawl up inside me. I couldn’t help letting out a gasp and tighten up: one of his fingers crept and slid up inside me. I didn’t even realize just how wet and how quickly I was until he did. His finger kept moving back and forth without a problem, sending little shocks throughout my entire body.

My grip around his cock got a bit tighter and the strokes got faster, “You want a quickie, don’t you?”

“That would be nice. We didn’t fuck last night, so this would be a nice holdover until we go at it again.”

Samuel’s finger picked up speed, the palm of his hand eagerly smacking against my hot pussy whenever he went deep enough. Even though it was just his finger I couldn’t help but let my moaning get louder and my breathing heavier. Normally, I don’t get this hot and bothered until he’s giving it to me from behind and making my ass clap. His got a second finger up in there, opening my pussy up even more. I timed my hips to bounce whenever I could feel the tip of his fingers hitting against my walls. His hand-game got better.

Fuck, he’s being more intense in the foreplay than usual. I feel like I could cum just from him brushing my g-spot.

After feeling the surge of sensation flowing through me I let my mind drift off and put my body on autopilot. From the way things were going, he’s the one having the most fun. I had to change that.

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