100 Word Story – Make the Jump (Part Five)

The boys toughed through the snowy field, boarding all over and leaving their trails in the powdery scenery. With the skies clear and the winds still, they felt the thrill and rush of snowboarding across the arctic shelf.

However, they wanted an even bigger thrill, something that would surely put their names down in history as some of the biggest daredevils to have ever lived.

When they reached the bottom of the latest mountain they’ve conquered, they found a giant crack in the ground.

“Hello? I have an emergency. It’s my friend—he’s hurt.”

Donny kept the phone to his ear as he walked over to the edge of the crevasse. He looked back and saw the fresh trail of cleared snow from Rafael’s snowboard. A couple of feet before reaching the bottom the trail, Rafael took an abrupt turn and changed route, completely missing the snow ramp.

He brought his attention back to the crevasse and looked into it, seeing Rafael twitching at the bottom. He covered the microphone to his phone and yelled down to him, “How you doin’ down there, buddy?”

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