Lyrical Vibing

The way my headphones vibrated on my ears was nothing but bliss, the gentle thumping from the beat of the track soothing to the touch at the right parts and going wild when the song’s flow had to get aggressive. Each instrument used had its own moment to shine: the bass playing nice and chill, making sure you could hear each strum of the guitar, the drum set keeping the beat going and on track, throwing in a couple snare drums to mix it up and keep it fresh, and the fading in and out violin added a slight sophisticated take when you least expected it. Accompanied by the lyrical madness of the artist, with their freestyle flow and quick-witted tongue, this entire album was the perfect thing to just stroll along to.

There aren’t that many tracks or artists that made me want to bob my head back and forth; it was rather hard for me to find the right song to vibe to. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my favorites among the vast world that is music, but I seldom find a song that made my body move on its own. But this new underground artist I found out about, I couldn’t help but rock, bob, and just move to their tracks.

Almost put me into a trance whenever I heard it.

“I think this guy would do great if I remixed it on the fly with something smoother.”

With the sounds of the hectic city drowned out by my music, I ran through the rural streets towards the train station.

Although it had been well into the evening, the skies dark but clear, the city’s bright signs and lively nature lit my way without a problem. Even being blocks away from the rural part of the city, which was mostly lit by overhead street lamps, anybody could see that the metro portion of the city was where the real fun was at. Music was always playing from every kind of restaurant and bar that had their windows open. The streets were filled with people looking to have a good time for the night and wanted to live their best, the complete opposite to the hectic back-and-forth of the work day when the sun shined high above. Neon signs and lights helped grab peoples’ attention, often leading them to exactly the kind of fun they were looking for. The metro was the place to be. And a perfect place for me to just wander around for a bit.

Cutting through the backyard of a quiet home, I managed to save a couple minutes on my mad dash to the station. The cold air filled my lungs every time I took a deep breath to keep me going, its sting feeling great mixing into the warmth from my body.

You don’t know the struggle, a real man gotta hustle.

Work, love, self—the best rule of three.

If you can’t find that balance,

Don’t try to talk to me.

I couldn’t but let out a small cheer when I heard those lyrics, “Damn, they’re going off!”

I repeated the lyrics in my head as I approached the train station. The entire station consisted of two tracks, one heading into the city and the other heading through the rural towards the countryside. The station is commonly filled during the day with school students taking the long trip to class, businessmen trying to impress a boss by coming in early, or even a housewife going out to get groceries on sale; crowded platforms was normal all over the city. But once that sun went down and everybody went home for the day, those platforms became nothing but deserted waiting stations. And that was what I saw every night.

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